Summer Essentials Every Girl Must Have In Her Bag

The weather of Mangoes and yellows are here. I totally love summers as I get to play with colors and my favorite summer color is yellow, Well am I the only here who loves yellow for summers? Anyway, as the temperature is changing day by day so does our skin rituals, wardrobe, as well as bag essentials, also change. So for your weekly doze of Beauty Wednesday, here are my top 5 Summer Essentials every girl must have in her bag.

Sun Screen:- A good sunscreen with SPF more than 30 is really very essential. We all know why sunscreen is so important for our skin. In fact, it is said that you should be wearing sunscreen irrespective whether you are indoors or outdoors, Winters or Summers. I generally prefer wearing SPF 50+  each day with moisturizer. You can wear them separately if you don’t find one, it works the same way.

Lip balm:- Well yes!! This is indeed one of the essentials as well. A lip balm, especially with an SPF of as less as 15 to 25, is more than enough. I generally prefer skipping lip shades in summers and wear tinted lip balms which solve both my purpose. (WINK)

Shades:- Who leaves home without a sun-glass. NOT ME!! It is fine to leave your glasses at home while walking under clouds which rarely happens in DUBAI, but will definitely regret this act in summers (Psst.. that’s my experience). A trendy sunglasses can also be a style statement. But make sure they are POLAROID ones or else you will be just left with a style statement without protection from sun If you know what I mean.

Deo/Perfume:- Always keep a pocket perfume in your bag. Common its summers what else do you expect, no one likes that sweat smell, isn’t it?. A quick tip, buy handy perfume pumps which you can refill any time and keep it in your bag. They are travel-friendly too.

Facial wipes:- you cant always be around washrooms to look fresh isn’t it? Always keep a pack of wet wipes, this not only saves your time but also solves the purpose of looking fresh as and when you want. Try to keep a pack with SPF and non-alcoholic wet wipes. And don’t forget to reapply your sunscreen each time wash or wipe your face.

BONUS ESSENTIAL for Makeup lovers:-

Press Compact Powder:- Avoid the hassle to carry the makeup vanity just a compact powder will do the job. Carry a pack of blotting paper along and use a sheet to get rid of the oil on your face and from soft hands just pat the compact powder to calm down the sheen. Try and opt for a powder with SPF in it. While it won’t replace the sunscreen itself, it works just fine.

Apart from what we discussed above it is very important to carry a bottle of water along and keep yourself well hydrated. It is not only good for your health but is excellent for your skin as well. You must intake at least 8 glasses of water daily. If you can find those filter capsuled bottles you can actually experiment with flavors by adding your favorite summer fruit.

And last but not the least, if you are big hair girl like me carry hair ties. No matter how I leave my home I come back with a messy bun back, so I carry many hair ties. Just as an added bonus, carry few bobby pins as well with you!!

So what is your version of Summer Essentials? If you want to know the brands I use in summers write in to me and I will share my next post with some great pocket-friendly yet effective products.


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