6 Reasons to try SVS Lashes by Nouveau Lashes & Beauty

6 Reasons you Need SVS Lashes in your life

**Achieve Speed, Volume & Style in under 45 minutes**

SVS Lashes, the revolutionary treatment from Nouveau Lashes & Beauty is considered to be a relatively new treatment in the ever-growing and evolving world of beauty. Speed, Volume and Style, otherwise known as SVS takes into account your eye shape, desired style and fullness to create a look that is tailored especially for you.

If you needed any further persuasion, here are 6 reasons you need to add SVS Lashes into your beauty regime.

*A Time-Saving treatment:

The initial ‘S’ in SVS stands for speed, so SVS is perfect for those wanting the drama of a set of volume lashes, but don’t have 3 hours spare to sit in a salon for them to be applied. Depending on your desired look, the treatment can take as little as 45 minutes and gives amazing results! Instead of the classic one-on-one eyelash application, each lash is ‘fanned’ into three different lengths, giving a fluffy, thicker look without adding hours of time.

*Enjoy your Beauty Sleep:

If you value your beauty sleep and those precious extra minutes in bed are important to you, but you then have the added dilemma of wanting to look well put-together for the day ahead, SVS offers you the best of both worlds. Wake up looking bright, alert and awake. Simply pop on your essential moisturiser and BB cream, brush your hair and add a slick of lip gloss and you are ready to roll!

*Be in Control:

Go as light and fluffy or as thick and volumised as you like with SVS Lashes which are more textured in appearance than the dense, uniform look of some lashes. The choice is yours!

*No Sweat:

Once the initial 48 hours are over following your SVS treatment, you are able to swim, spin, sweat and shower without worrying that your lashes will fall out. It is always wise to exercise caution when showering and not put your face directly under the shower head, but other than that you are good to go and can enjoy your regular lifestyle with amazing lashes along the way.

*Fuss Free:

SVS couldn’t be simpler to maintain. After leaving the salon with a stunning set of fluffy lashes, all you need to do is brush them regularly. Looking after your lashes ensures a quick infill appointment and lashes that will stand the test of time.  Infills are usually needed every 2-3 weeks.

*Zero Damage:

During your initial consultation, an expertly trained Nouveau Lash technician will take into account the condition, length and amount of natural lashes you already have. This is so that the exact amount of lashes are applied to avoid any damage. When you are ready to remove them, it is always best to have them taken off safely by a technician – so no pulling or picking them out yourself!

SVS treatments are available at Kozma & Kozma, Locks by LouLou and La Loge The Address Hotels in Emirates Hills and Downtown Dubai with prices starting at AED 500.

To find out more about Nouveau Lashes and their award winning products and treatments, please visit https://nouveaulashes.com.

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