Relax Your Body & Soul at Ayur Mandala Ayurvedic center

elaxed mind is a sign of relaxed soul and vice versa. And what is the best way to relax your body than Ayur Mandala Ayurvedic Center located in Jumeirah. It said that the ancient Ayurveda technic is so strong that it can open all the blocks within your system and helps each organ to breath and functions correctly. The knowledge of Ayurvedic presence is vast and unique, so it is very important to fall under the safe hands and that’s where Ayur Mandala plays its part.  Being a huge believer of ayurvedic methods, I would love to share my spiritual experience with all of you.

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Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Post Natal Care

obody except us can ever understand what it means to be a woman. No, I am not being feminist here but I am talking about body problems. Well if you ask me every BODY any shape and size are beautiful and there is one thing no one can ever change is your true age. Out of the many problems, one of the problems we ladies go through is stretch marks, especially with weight gain or pregnancy. Our skin is like elastic, it stretches and shrinks with weight gain and loss. Well, there is at least one thing less to care about with Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula firming lotion.

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Bubbles Glow Secrets Yay!! Or NAH?? Review

I have always been open to new innovative skincare products. When I was young I was always told that use as natural products as possible. But on the other hand, me being a typical 20’s girl used to get fascinated with all these beauty products used by celebrates. Of course, they used to be costly but who cared, as I started earning in my teens. Over a period of time I have used many (as many as you can think of) Skincare brands. Not that I am very proud about it but lately, I am obsessed with youth Serum from Bubbles Glow Secrets.

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Newlook Salon – Launching In Dubai This October!

** Your new go-to salon that offers the ultimate perfection in beauty services**

Newlook Salon, the new beauty destination in Dubai, is set to open its doors this October with the promise of offering women in the region the ultimate pampering experience. Inspired by the founder’s in-depth background knowledge in beauty field, the premium salon is located in the convenient and trendy location in Aswaaq Center, Al Quoz 2, Dubai.

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