Body Beautiful with Herbal Essentials

Body Beautiful with Herbal Essentials

**The importance of daily moisturizing**

Daily body moisturizing can often feel like a chore, especially on busy mornings when you are trying to prepare for the day ahead and leave the house on time! We don’t always have the patience to wait for body lotions to absorb so we tend to skip this part of our skincare ritual altogether, which often results in scaly, dry skin. Environmental factors such as climate and air conditioning do not help matters and yet more reasons why we should be applying body lotion daily.

If you are looking for beautifully hydrated, smooth skin all year round, Herbal Essentials body care collection should be a staple on your bathroom shelf. From a quick and effective morning skincare solution to a luxurious evening ritual, the natural, home-grown skincare brand, Herbal Essentials have you covered, quite literally for both scenarios.

For the daytime:

Finding a staple body lotion to see us through all seasons can be an arduous task. From slow absorbing lotions that stick to your clothes (no thanks!), to in-your-face scents, it can be quite the task finding the perfect every-day lotion that ticks all boxes. Hydrating, moisturising and non-greasy are just some of the qualities Herbal Essentials Aloe Vera, Shea Butter & Honey Moisturising Body Lotion (AED 99) offers. This light, fast absorbing lotion is enriched with hydrating Aloe Vera, which is also known to help improve the skin’s natural firmness. Honey, a wonder ingredient that helps to absorb and retain moisture keeps skin fresh and prevents drying. As it is also a natural anti-oxidant, Honey helps to protect your skin from damage of the sun’s rays and rejuvenates skin, leaving it silky soft and supple. And Shea Butter renowned for its soothing and healing properties. Continuous use of this time-friendly body lotion will leave your skin beautifully conditioned, hydrated and smooth without stickiness.

For the night-time:

 After a busy day, what better way to relax before bed than with Herbal Essentials luxurious Grapefruit, Juniper & Aloe Vera Massage Gel (AED 185)This specially crafted gel formulation contains Grapefruit Oil, Juniper Berry and Citrus Peel. Grapefruit Oil contains Vitamin C which protects the skin from damage, it can also reduce cellulite and fat by detoxifying the skin and increasing circulation. Juniper Berry extracts improve the skin’s appearance when massaged onto the body and has anti-bacterial properties that keep skin healthy and well oxygenated. Plus, its toning effect tightens the skin and gives a feeling of firmness. The study of Ayurveda shows that Citrus Peel has widely acclaimed antioxidant properties and regular massage will not only stimulate circulation but improve the skin’s appearance. Used in the evenings this massage gel will leave you feeling fully relaxed and ready for a great night’s sleep.

​Herbal Essentials is a range of truly natural beauty products for the face and body. All products adhere to the principles of Ayurveda to provide long term benefits for a healthy body and mind. Established in 2008 and inspired by 50 years of extensive plant and mineral research, Herbal Essentials is paraben and paraffin free and is also enrolled in PETA’s “Beauty Without Bunnies” programme as a cruelty free brand.

The Herbal Essentials range of products are currently available at leading pharmacies in the UAE, including Boots, Bin Sina, Supercare, Life and the Dubai Duty Free pharmacies at Dubai International Airport. The brand is also available in Oman, Qatar and Pakistan. Customers can also order online through and with worldwide shipping.

To find out more about Herbal Essentials’ all-natural approach to beauty and their products, visit

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