Winter Skin Woes No More with a little help from Herbal Essentials

Winter Skin Woes No More

**Transition your skincare into winter with ease with Herbal Essentials**

The UAE’s winter is here and as we start to adjust our closets and contemplate if it really is cold enough to justify adding a jumper or two into our winter wardrobe, the same should be said for our skincare regime. Sure, we don’t have to endure frosty mornings and icy winds, however the change in humidity and drop in temperature can wreak havoc on our skin and cause dryness and dullness, which is never a good look. The changes in the elements can also exacerbate skin sensitivity and cause redness, itchiness and flaking. With this in mind, we need to be a little kinder to our skin this season and give it the TLC that it deserves.

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Herbal Essentials – The Festive Edit

**Gift the gift of award-winning natural skincare this holiday season**

Natural and luxurious is a winning combination if you ask us. As the festive season approaches and we are on the hunt for the perfect gift for a loved one, Herbal Essentials makes the task a little easier with their premium range of natural skincare products.

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Protect & Hydrate with Herbal Essentials

Nutmeg & Sunflower Oil_ 24 Hour Cream_ 50 gm_ AED 189

Protect and Hydrate with Herbal Essentials

**A hand-in-hand approach to beautiful skin**

As the temperature starts to cool off, it can mean only one thing – beach season is back! Whether you love to bask by the pool on your day off, or hit your favourite beach club at the weekend, one item that should always make the cut in your beach bag is SPF.

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Body Beautiful with Herbal Essentials

Body Beautiful with Herbal Essentials

**The importance of daily moisturizing**

Daily body moisturizing can often feel like a chore, especially on busy mornings when you are trying to prepare for the day ahead and leave the house on time! We don’t always have the patience to wait for body lotions to absorb so we tend to skip this part of our skincare ritual altogether, which often results in scaly, dry skin. Environmental factors such as climate and air conditioning do not help matters and yet more reasons why we should be applying body lotion daily.

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