Tips for Sweat-Free & Oil-Free Makeup

Sweat Free Makeup

Summers have arrived and so is the sweaty, sticky melting skin season. Well does this reminds you of something? How much ever we try to stay all day long with makeup, it tends to melt due to heat and makes your masterpiece look patchy. Trust me, I have been there. Sweat-free makeup can be hard to achieve! But you can definitely try to keep them all they long.

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Summer Essentials Every Girl Must Have In Her Bag

The weather of Mangoes and yellows are here. I totally love summers as I get to play with colors and my favorite summer color is yellow, Well am I the only here who loves yellow for summers? Anyway, as the temperature is changing day by day so does our skin rituals, wardrobe, as well as bag essentials, also change. So for your weekly doze of Beauty Wednesday, here are my top 5 Summer Essentials every girl must have in her bag.

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What goes well with ORANGE – Look Book


Orange has always been my secret favorite color. Along with being the most versatile color, It is also bright yet soothing. It is a color of positivity and passion. It is a myth that people say color should be chosen based on your skin tone rather, I think irrespective of any skin tone if you know how to carry this color you will always look like a DIVA.  But here my top 5 combinations you would want to try with Orange.

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A Little Secret from the Past About Tomato

My mother always kept me away from store-bought skin care products. All I have learned about skin care routine is everything you need to keep your skin healthy is right in your kitchen. Then may that be a skin pack or even moisturizer for that matter. My mother always taught me to keep it simple and it will last for long. I guess she is right. Let me share a little secret for your weekly dose of Beauty Wednesdays.

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Get rid of frizzy hair with Bliscent hair pack

I make Hair contact before I make Eye contact. There is a reason behind it though, I am blessed with long and dense hair but they are quite rough, dull and unmanageable. Recently I had got keratin done to my hair but stayed not more than 4 months and my hair got back to the same as it was. Few months back in one of my F-boxx subscription i had received few products from Bliscent which is an Indian based personal care company.

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