Exclusive Experience with Show Beauty – Hair Care and Styling Brand

Isn’t the late spring executing every one of us in U.A.E? As summer has officially began, trust you folks are keeping yourself all around hydrated and wearing your SPF. I know of lately I have posted too less as I am as yet getting in the beat of this new way of life I have decided for myself, which I will inform you folks regarding in coming to few posts. Be that as it may, the uplifting news is things are working and are working great.

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Hey Guys,

SO here i am with one of my most Favorite brands and my very first HAUL post.

LUSH is one brand I trust and their products I love. I can’t thank enough a friend of mine who introduced me to this cruelty-free beauty. As you all know, I am a big fan of cruelty-free vegetarian beauty, Lush is one brand which contributes to my day to day skin care routine and also takes care of my fluffy, extremely frizzy and unmanageable hair. Well, when it comes to skin care and hair care there is no other place I can think of other than LUSH.

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New Subscription Box In Town – FBOXX

Beauty subscription boxes are not a very new concept, though I love the feeling of getting surprises every month when they are delivered at my doorstep. There are so many out there in the market and I am personally subscribed to three. Recently, I got to know about this new Subscription box being launched in Dubai called Fboxx and immediately checked their social pages and the website too. The site looks quite promising as this box was not just offering beauty products but also Fashion, Lifestyle, and Skincare all in one box which looked quite promising.

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Caudalie Skin Care – Review

Who doesn’t like to have healthy looking skin? When It comes to taking care of my skin I compromise on nothing. There are thousands of products available in the market, some are generic some are luxurious, some are worth spending on and unfortunately….. we lose our money in some. With new products and brands being launched every month it becomes so difficult to stick to one coz every product seems to be better than another one… isn’t it??….I feel your pain ladies.

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Meditree | Pure Australian Botanicals – Review

What is it that we fight against the most when it comes to skin care? Yes!! You guess it right… ACNE. There are hundreds and thousands of product out there in the market and still counting. It’s like a jungle of products where some claim to be the best and some fakes to be the one for you. So, when I was anxiously waiting for my first subscription box from Zanedo a few months back, I got introduced to  Meditree | Pure Australian Botanicals.

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