Coconut Oil Body Firming Sheet Mask by Palmer’s

Aging is a bitter fact of life. But you know what? Palmers have recently launched its new collection of body firming mask sheets, where the name itself says what it is capable of. I am sure everyone love a firmed & toned body and when you getting to work on it at your home comfort then why not. This 10 min body mask is everything you need. No kidding!!

Sheet masks are the latest trends these days, in fact, when you think of sheet masks you still have a picture of Face mask sheets. But Palmer’s had taken it to a completely different level of sheet masks by introducing body firming sheet masks. Which apparently works on all your problem areas such as thighs, underarms as well as on hips. Easy to use body mask sheet is packed with the goodness of raw coconut oil and vitamin E which is proven to be the best for skin in general. Each pack contains two sheet masks with Brazilian guarana & cupuacu butter which helps improve micro-circulation and you get naturally tight and toned body.

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I have been a big of coconut for a number of reasons. I use it as body oil, face moisturizer, deep conditioning my hair. It has antibacterial & anti-aging properties which make your skin look younger and smooth. This easy to use 3 step mask delivers targeted toning ingredients to problem areas such as thighs, hips, stomach, upper arms or buttocks in a concentrated sheet mask sized to fit body’s contours and curves. It contains guarana extract, coconut oil, capuaca, sweet almond oil and lemon peel ferment extract, which are proven to improve your circulation of the blood in the smallest blood vessels resulting in firmer, smoother and toned appearance. Sheet mask delivery system allows for optimal penetration of ingredients and the excess product can be massaged into the targeted area for hydration and firming.

There is no doubt that palmer’s had played a very essential role in my skincare routine and I it is one of the best brands I have ever used which is not only effective but also is pocket-friendly with the best-sourced ingredients. The brand stands by against animal testing and its product contain no paraben, no phthalates, no mineral oil, no gluten and no dyes. Which in short means it is completely safe to be used by anyone.


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Happy Glamming!!


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