Give the Gift of Health this Holiday Season

**Whether you are travelling or looking for the perfect gift for a health conscious friend, skinade has you covered**

As the holiday season approaches and we look for creative and new ideas to gift our loved ones, what can be better than the gift of health? A gift that offers lasting health benefits is not only thoughtful but will leave a lasting impression on the recipient way into the new year and beyond.

Each January one in three people resolve to better themselves in some way, usually by joining a gym, pledging to eat healthier, looking after their skin and generally taking overall better care of themselves. If this sounds like a loved one (or even yourself!), why not gift them a 30-day course of the celebrity favourite, unisex collagen drink that is taking the UK by storm, skinade.

As we age, we lose collagen which can result in wrinkles, fine lines, thinning skin and even blemishes. Being exposed to sunlight can also accelerate the ageing process, making it more important than ever to up your skincare game with the addition of skinade as part of your daily skincare routine. The drink was developed by UK scientists and works to improve collagen in the bloodstream and gives a firm, dewy and fresh complexion.

It couldn’t be any simpler to incorporate into your day; simply grab a bottle from your fridge each morning and go! skinade has a pleasant Mangosteen and peach flavour and is packed full of vitamins to set you in good health for the day ahead. It has fewer than 38 calories per bottle and contains no artificial colours.

To see the full benefits of skinade, the drink must be taken daily for a 30-day period. However, by day 20, results start to appear and skin will start to feel smoother, firmer and stronger. By day 30 hair, skin and nails will feel healthier than ever before. Skin will appear more toned, youthful and radiant. Line and wrinkles will be reduced and skin will be thoroughly hydrated. Who wouldn’t wish for a gift as good as that?

Each festive themed gift box is adorned with a red ribbon graphic and holds a 30-day course of skinade in 150ml ‘ready-to-drink’ bottles.

In addition, if you are travelling over the festive period and still want to maintain glowing, healthy skin, skinade travel sachets are available in 15ml packs that can be simply diluted in water. Lighter than carrying bottles and safe to carry in-flight, staying skin-savvy has never been easier.

With prices starting from AED 800, skinade packages are available from Iwona Specialty Clinic, Sansaya Cosmetic Surgery and Dental Clinic, Euromed Medical Center, Rose Arbaji, So Spa – Sofitel The Palm and Kalm Holistic Beauty. Delivery of skinade can also be arranged by calling +971 55 4722404.

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