Introducing Brow Design by Nouveau Lashes & Beauty

**Enjoy beautiful brows in time for the festive season and beyond **

Imagine waking up in the morning and not having to fill in your brows with a host of powders, pencils, gels and more? It sounds almost too good to be true, but with Nouveau Lashes & Beauty’s brand new treatment, ‘Brow Design’, this can now be a reality.

Reduce your daily routine by at least ten minutes with the ever-popular Brow Design, a brand new bespoke treatment tailored to your individual needs. Brow Design is an 8-step brow styling treatment that creates the perfect customised arch for you. Your thorough and experienced Brow Stylist will work with your natural brow growth to enhance and tailor your brows to best suit your face shape, eye shape and even hairstyle, whilst making the most of your individual features. Unlike a typical one-brow-fits-all service, Brow Design is intended to be ‘designed’ specifically for you.

The Process:

Tint – Firstly, a high quality tint is applied to the brows that lasts up-to 2 weeks. It is also able to tint the skin should you require a little more thickness.

Measure – Next detailed calipers and specific calculations are used to identify the ‘ideal’ points for you brow bulb, arch and tail which form the overall shape of your brow.

Wax  – A hypoallergenic, non-reddening Geleé wax removes the majority of unwanted hair growth.

Trim – Unruly hairs are trimmed top and bottom to create a sharp and clean look.

Thread – Brows are threaded to remove any soft, fluffy hair growth and clean the skin around the brow.

Tweeze – Tweezers are then used for any small stubborn hairs or more specific hair removal.

Finish – A smudge, sweat and splash-proof mineral powder is applied to finish the look of the brow. Your brow stylist will also talk you through how to re-create this at home as part of your make-up routine.

Set – To finish the treatment Nouveau Lashes & Beauty Lash & Brow Conditioning Serum is used to set the completed look. It acts as a conditioner for the brow hairs and supports growth in the sparse areas that your brow stylist may recommended you work on for re-growth.

To keep your brows looking on-fleek post treatment there are the following retail products to compliment your treatment:

Lash & Brow Conditioning Serum – AED 175

This vegan friendly Conditioning Serum contains a complex blend of multi-vitamins and conditioning actives and is the ultimate conditioner for both lashes and brows. A daily use product, the serum is packed full of nourishing goodness and provides the lashes with all they need to stay instantly conditioned and offers long tem benefits to help give a fuller appearance. Powerful anti-oxidants help to protect lashes and brows from everyday environmental pollutants and used underneath mascara, the serum also acts as a primer

Brow Palette (Light, Medium, Dark) – AED 275

Create beautiful sculpted brows with Nouveau Lashes & Beauty’s Brow Palette. Available in light, medium and dark to suit all hair colours, this palette offers long-lasting colour and is smudge, sweat proof and water resistant. Both cruelty free and vegan the palette also contains a handy, dual ended brush for perfect application.

Brow Design is priced at AED 250 and is currently available at The Beauty Spot salon in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, and Glamour salon in Abu Dhabi.

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