IPL BD5009 Braun Silk-expert – Permanent hair removal – Review

Who doesn’t wish for a hair free body? Wear whenever whatever, need not think about those hairy legs and arms (sorry for it to sound unpleasant) but common girls, isn’t that true? Every month we go to salon get ourselves waxed and go through that painful trauma and spend hours and hours… then 15 days later they grow back to say “ohh!! hello did you miss me?”

Ok, enough of all this and let’s get straight to the point. Permanent hair removal can be very expensive but what if you have a reliable product which can do the trick for you at your home comfort? Braun Silk-expert IPL technique is one such product. Salon like laser treatment made easy and at home. This product not only removes hair but also leaves you with a smooth skin, Personal experience. I was desperately looking for a hair removal system and came across many products my no 1 preference was TRIA beauty hair removal 4x but it was priced way too high 2750 aed to be precise and braun being one of my most trusted brands, so Why not buy and try !?!

Now let’s talk about the technology, IPL (Intense Pulse Light) Silk expert has an auto sensor which reads your skin tone and automatically adjusts its light intensity which makes it even safer. It provides 300,000 flashes which are enough for almost 35 years if used on lower legs, bikini, face & underarms. The product claims 94% of women who used Braun IPL technology saw positive results within 3 months and 89% of women saw a visible reduction. The product is inspired by the professional salon and is clinically tested. (stats and figures from the Manual) Its IPL system is safe to use at home and is FDA approved.

My experience:- I wanted to first test this product on my face and underarms to see how well it works. Apparently, you have to shave the area you want to get hair free from and I am not very comfortable using a razor on my face or any part of my body. So I used an epilator to clean the area… which is safe. As a new user at first, the feeling is like a harsh tickling sensation which hurts slightly but bearable, stays barely for a second then goes away, after few uses, it doesn’t hurt anyway. They have built a smart feature called gentle mode (a feather button) which reduces the intensity on your sensitive area which doesn’t hurt at all. Just takes few mins to get done, for example- I do my face and underarms in less than 10 mins and I saw positive results within a month, not even joking, hair grew but very fine almost not noticeable after every use. As you have to do this once in every week they have also introduced an app where you can schedule your hair removal session, read the manual etc. Though I did not follow the 3 months rule religiously, still the result is very much visible and the growth has reduced a way lot on my face and underarms. You can also schedule your treatment on their silk-expert app.

I know, such products are not cheap to buy but the results are so good that I would totally recommend, it’s worth!! I bought mine for 1499 aed from souq.com.

It is worth it!!

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