Meditree | Pure Australian Botanicals – Review

What is it that we fight against the most when it comes to skin care? Yes!! You guess it right… ACNE. There are hundreds and thousands of product out there in the market and still counting. It’s like a jungle of products where some claim to be the best and some fakes to be the one for you. So, when I was anxiously waiting for my first subscription box from Zanedo a few months back, I got introduced to  Meditree | Pure Australian Botanicals.

Although had never heard of this brand before and there was no product information in the package, I did a little research online about the brand and its products. Founded in 2015, Meditree is an Australian natural and organic skincare line that uses the highest grade, plant-based ingredients to provide organic, vegan-friendly and animal-cruelty products… which I appreciate and highly support. No artificial fragrances, no preservatives and no drying, comedogenic, skin-irritating ingredients like Alcohol, Phthalates, Beeswax, Formaldehyde, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Parabens, Phenoxyethanol, and Petrochemicals, Which makes it completely chemical free.

I started using the products immediately and the results were exactly what I expected. This box contained all full-size products, Tea Tree Facial Cleanser 100g, Tea Tree Face scrub & mask with kaolin clay 50g, Tea Tree Hydrator 50g, Kakadu plum face cream 50g, Kakadu plum face serum 30g. All these products are filled with antioxidant and antifungal properties such as Kakadu plum and Tea tree oil.

Tea Tree Facial Cleanser

Finally, there is a face cleanser I can be loyal to. I have always been in search for good cleansers. The consistency is clear and semi-liquidy. It does not cause a lot of foam thus you won’t feel your skin getting dry. I love this daily facial cleanser. It is a soothing daily cleanser for a cleaner look and fresher feel. Gently removes oil and impurities. Is available for 80 DHS.

Tea Tree Face scrub & mask with kaolin clay 50g

Scrub and Mask in one, a 3 mins mask not only exfoliates gently but it also acts a soothing mask. If you have an acne prone skin this also has Tea Tree leaves which cleanse, soften and brighten dull, stressed and tired looking skin. Is available for 90 DHS.

Tea Tree Hydrator 50g

After Cleansing, Scrubbing it is time for hydrating. It helps Rejuvenate and hydrate your skin without increasing oiliness. Suitable for daily use. Is available for 80 DHS.

Kakadu plum face cream 50g

A nourishing moisturizer with antioxidant properties to help protect the skin from the damaging effects of the environment. Help promote collagen production and will leave you feeling smooth and replenished. It has Kakadu plum & Quandong which is vitamin C rich antioxidant, Macadamia which is moisturizing. Is available for 90 DHS.

Kakadu plum face serum 30g

An essential serum to even out skin tone, maintain collagen production and protect the skin.  It has Kakadu Plum which is vitamin C rich antioxidant, Bearberry which brightens your skin, Aloe Vera & Camomile which is soothing. Is available for 155 DHS.

In and all, I really love the products and use them daily but wisely. All the products smell really good and it works exactly what it claims. I would honestly recommend you to buy the tea tree range. The best part of the brand is it’s environmental and cruelty-free support which I encourage and appreciate. If you are interested in buying these products, Visit their Facebook page @MeditreeME. 

Would love hear what you do to treat acne?

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