New Makeup Brand In Town – Debela18 Review

I know exactly how it feels, Trust me I know that feeling… When you see all that new makeup in your collection. Makeup makes every girl happy, then may that be a whole makeup kit or just a lipstick even. But Seriously how much do you spend on makeup yearly? Well first of all welcome to Beauty Wednesday, where your girl here is gonna review Beauty/Makeup Brands/Products for you beauties (Wink Wink)  

Last year I remember I must have paid a fortune to find a correct foundation. OK!! that was an exaggeration, but still spending some insane money for not knowing how the product would actually react to your skin… you feel cheated, isn’t it? So do you think splurging on a celebrity Brands is fair? I don’t say they are bad but what if I tell you, spend half the money for a better quality? I have been waiting to share this for quite some time, but thanks to my busy schedule I have been a bit off beat. But here I am with one of the most awaited reviews.

A few months back I had a chance to visit Debela 18 Showroom located in Deira Dubai on which I also had shared a video on my Youtube channel. I was given few products to review and for the first time I’ve seen any brand being so confident about their product as they let me pick whatever I wanted. So I picked up few preferred products and thought of using them while I am traveling.

Debela18 was recently launched and has a collection of professional makeup products. I was amazed to see the quality for the kind of price they have introduced each product. All your favorite bloggers are talking about it too. Trust me no kidding, If you are looking for a quality product with the highly reasonable price then this is the brand you should be opting for.

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To order products from the brand you can either give your order on Debela18 Instagram page or can even visit their shop location in Deira you can contact Mr. Mustaffa +971557863852

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