No More Worry – Holi Survival 101

The festival of forgiveness, forgetfulness, and fun, Holi is the most colorful festival which is celebrated widely in India. This festival has an ancient origin and celebrates the victory of ‘good’ over ‘bad’. I still remember some glimpse of my childhood celebrating this massive festival of color, rubbing Gulal which is a traditional name for colored powder and people cheering ‘Bura na mano Holi hai’ which means, Don’t mind, it’s Holi (literal meaning). Nowadays all the festivals have gone commercial in terms of celebration but In some parts of India, this festival is still celebrated traditionally with Thandai (traditional Indian drink), fried dumplings and sweets.

But every fun comes with a cost, isn’t it? I remember crying every time saying “from next time I will never play Holi” coz of the damage it used to cause to my hair and skin. Well, we all know these powders are not skin friendly as they are chemicalized and can leave you with some semi-permanent hair color like green, blue or red or can damage your skin too. Allergies, skin irritation, breakouts, are just a few annoying things as a result, not Fair right?

What if I tell you there is a way you can save yourself from all the hassle and also enjoy the fun? So here I am to rescue you; read now & trust me you will thank me later,

So let’s start,

  • Starting with clothes, while you dig out clothes from your wardrobe, make sure you know what you wear during this festival. Consider choosing clothes which can cover maximum of your body so that there is very less of skin exposed.

  • You may not like this one, but trust me when is say this, you will be quite thankful…. OIL your body. I remember emptying almost more than half of the oil bottle on my body. Right from head to the toe, I used to look like an oil mine. As a result, I used to have the cleanest skin amongst all, as if I never was a part of the game. Plus it also nourishes the skin so it was a win-win situation.

  • Holi falls in a season of spring welcoming the summers, which means the days will be quite sunny. I am sure you will not mind an extra layer of Sunscreen…. but, prefer SPF 30 & above. You are not only adding an extra layer of grease but will also save you from that harsh UV rays.

  • Keep yourself well hydrated. Not just on the festival day but also way before that. A well-hydrated skin will heal faster and will fight against those Allergies, skin irritation, breakouts. It is scientific ????

  • Consider using any petroleum jelly on your lips, ears, and cuticles, as these are the areas which need most protection especially if your intentions are to play with colors all day long.

Now comes the most difficult part, removing colors from your skin.

  • Luckily lots of oil which you applied will do most of your job in getting rid of the stubborn color, but that is not enough. Take your time beneath the shower with lukewarm water, don’t immediately start rubbing your skin. Once you see the water running through your body is more clearer, start using the soap. However, don’t panic if the colors have desiccated, it will come off in due course with each shower.

  • You can use any exfoliate but a mild one. You can make a simple exfoliate at home mixing hung curd and gram flour, which will not only help you get rid of the color and the oil but will also nourish your skin. But make sure you keep things prepared well in advance.

  • Wash your hair nicely twice or thrice until you see clean water running through your hair, and apply conditioner thoroughly, leave for at least 5 to 10 mins and then rinse. You can use a hair mask later on, and if you are looking for a hair repair system, then use Avocado and aloe Vera pulp as a hair mask. It will leave you with silky soft hair. Incase you are unable to find these ingredients then you can simply use yogurt but nothing added and should be room temperature. Repeat when ever you like.

  • Consider applying lots of moisturizers throughout after the shower. Avoid I repeat completely Avoid using any salon procedure scrubs on your skin, it may cause irritation and redness on you may feel uncomfortable.

  • Although eventually, the color will come off after few showers, you can consider rubbing lemon wedges on your face and body. Lemon is known for its natural bleaching properties which are not harmful to skin but may leave you with some dryness, so do not forget to apply moisturizer even otherwise.

    **All pictures have been sourced from the internet for representational purposes and additional tips only.

    Festivals are a way to enjoy with your families and friends. And don’t forget there is a way to avoid every hitch and hassle. Moreover, this is that time of the year when you can forget about your phones at home and create memories. Isn’t it!!

    Have a safe Holi, Have a very happy Holi,



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