An Evening At Glow Garden Dubai

Have you ever wondered how a fairyland would look like? If yes then, exactly that’s how Glow Garden is. It is beautiful, glowing, bright and artistic, it is world’s first unique theme park. Started in December 2015, Glow Garden has become the latest tourist attraction since then. Located at Zabeel park, there is a lot to get excited about, just like a kid.

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Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Abu Dhabi

There is only one word which you can think of when you enter the premises, simply “WOW”. It is Majestic, enormous, stunning and breathe taking. The moment I entered the Sheikh Zayed Grand mosque there was a sense of positivity with peaceful breath. Located in Abu Dhabi, Grand Mosque is considered as the third largest Mosque in the world covering almost 30 acres of the landscape which also includes the parking lot.

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THAILAND, land of God, land of heavenly beaches, land of natural beauty, a dream beach destination. Back in 2015 when I and my husband wanted a break from this hosh posh life, the only place we could think of was Thailand & thank god we did. Yes, it’s been more than a year since then and we still cannot stop talking about the trip. Being our first ever international travel destination we wanted to keep it luxurious and rejuvenating. Again we both are beach lovers so we decided to visit Phuket, Krabi first and then Pattaya & Bangkok.

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