Reveal the Inner Beauty of your Hair with Rossano Ferretti’s Hair Care Range

Fans of Rossano Ferretti, the leading hair care name in the beauty industry, will be thrilled to learn they can now take a luxurious piece of the brand home with them to tend to their tresses, in the form of a stunning hair-care product range, designed to create a similar sensorial experience, but in the comfort of your own home.

** Luxury hair-care range formulated with the finest natural ingredients produced in Italy **

With over 30 years experience in the hair care industry, the natural next step for Rossano Ferretti was to launch a next generation personal hair care line that could be used every day at home to further compliment the salon’s approach of “Enjoying your hair”.

Rossano Ferretti’s range of unique hair care products are known as cosmetics for the hair and come in a range of delightful textures with beautifully scented formulas. They are designed to reveal the inner beauty of the hair and are formulated with a selection of the finest ingredients that combine powerful natural elements alongside the best bio-technology principles. A high volume of the finest raw materials from plant and vegetable oils are used to help create the best that nature can offer for the ultimate in hair beauty.

To create the product line, a number of factors were taken into account to meet the needs of the most discerning and demanding customer. A collaboration of scientists and hairdressers developed the range using the most cutting edge laboratory research. The whole product range is sulphate free and doesn’t contain any polluting and non-biodegradable ingredients. The shampoos and conditioners are free of aggressive surfactants and allow a gentle and respectful approach to hair.

The Product Range:

01 Splendido – Colour Maintenance Shampoo and Conditioner

This shampoo (AED 180) and conditioner (AED 190) colour maintenance range is formulated with a special blend of natural oils, sunflower, mandarin orange, linseed extracts and proteins. It is ideal for frequent use on colour treated hair, leaving your tresses thoroughly cleansed.

02 Grandioso – Volume Shampoo, Conditioner and Spray

This volumising range offers a shampoo (AED 165), conditioner (AED 180) and volumising spray (AED 155). The weightless shampoo and conditioner contains macadamia and avocado to plump, strenghthen and detangle the hair, whilst the spray boosts and protects the hair from the effects of blow drying and styling.

03 Intenso – Moisturizing Shampoo, Hair Mask and Serum

This softening and soothing range includes a shampoo (AED 165), hair mask (AED 180) and serum (AED 190), all perfect for unruly hair that needs a little extra TLC. With ingredients such as honey, avocado and coconut oil, this product range keeps hair tangle-free, soft and healthy.

11 Brillante – Shine and Protection Treatment

This no-rinse instant treatment (AED 190) comes with a UV filter and contains a rich concentration of oils to deeply hydrate and protect the hair from the elements. Suitable for all hair types the oil leaves hair feeling soft and strong.

14 Velluto – Smoothing Serum

Perfect for pre-blowdrying, this smoothing serum (AED 165) eliminates frizz, controls static and protects from external agents, ensuring the hair stays smooth and silky.

16 Dolce – Protecting Spray

This no rinse detangling spray (AED 165) protects hair and fights frizz from UV exposure and heat styling. It is rich in hydrolyzed proteins to prolong hair colour. Perfect for colour treated hair, this spray adds moisture, strength and shine.

18 Favoloso – Movement Spray
This softening and nourishing spray (AED 165) invigorates the hair and offers movement and volume with a natural look that doesn’t contain any build up.

Prodigio – Regenerating Oil and Treatment
Prodigio is made up of two products; a miracle oil (AED 200), containing a precious blend of vegetable oils and Sphingolipid Complex to protect the hair from heat and styling, and a reconstructing treatment (AED 395) which leaves the hair extraordinarily shiny and silky after just one application. Deeply penetrating the hair shaft, it restores hair cuticles, offering overall improvement of hair health.

Vita – Rejuvinating Serum
Formulated to fight signs of hair ageing, this serum (AED 200) contains a powerful concoction of Cassia Angustifolia, Hyaluronic Acid and Konjac extract which creates a protective bio-film on the hair, keeping it looking conditioned, strong and young.

The Rossano Ferretti hair care range offers a solution to all haircare needs and guarantees exceptional results. The extensive product range helps hair become healthier, stronger, softer and overall, naturally more beautiful.

The Rossano Ferretti product range is available exclusively in Rossano Ferretti Hair Spa, located on Jumeirah Beach Road next to The Four Seasons Dubai. The salon is the go-to choice for the city’s elite who appreciate true luxury with immaculate services and highly trained stylists and therapists. The Hair Spa also offers a range of hair treatments and coloring, manicures, pedicures, nail enhancements and add on services utilising Voesh products, and waxing and threading services with Lycon wax.

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