Travel Essentials -Do You Have ‘I MAY NEED THIS’ Disorder?

It’s been a month since my last post, though trust me I have missed you guys as much as you missed me. This post in particular has been one of my longest pending one. So let’s Began……. Do you know the biggest hurdle faced by anyone before going to any planned trip is? Yes, you guessed it right, it is PACKING. Trust me when I say this, it used to be a big trouble for me to choose what to carry and what to leave behind; cause every thing I own is Travel Essentials. Yes I know it is a trip and not migration, but over a period of time, I finally got the catch. Though I learned it hard way but thought of making your life a bit easier in case you are somewhat like me who has ‘I MAY NEED THIS’ disorder.

Honestly, I am not a very frequent traveler. Though when I travel I give special attention to what I carry along with me, in order to do so first thing first which you need do is:-


MINDSET #1:- It is just a trip and there is no need to carry the whole house along.

MINDSET #2:- Do not get confused to understand the difference between Travel Essentials and traveling with every essential you own. What I mean is, owning something we want and carrying something we may need are two different things.

MINDSET #3:- Have to keep the weight of my bag as less as possible in order to avoid any trouble during check-in. TO be honest I have been there… Yes Me!! I have opened my bag in public and have thrown stuffs 🙁

Once when these things are clear in you mind… Walla!! You have passed the first hurdle!!

Next is -> Download a


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There are many free travel manager apps available for both Android and iPhone, Here is my best pick for you;

TripList – Packing list Manager:- this app is available for iOS users and helps you create a trip list of all the essentials you may need. Simultaneously it also shows you the expected weather during the time you are planning to visit so that you can Pack accordingly.

Packing List for Travel – packing: – This app is available for Andriod users which helps you design your list on the basis of gender, traveling vehicle, weather, what kind of a place. And would suggest you your packing list accordingly.

PackPoint travel packing list:- This app is available on both iOS and Android and is one of my most favorite. It is one of the most organized apps to help you create your travel list. On the basis of the City, weather, activities, the app suggests a list which can be customized and can also be emailed to others.




Lets assume that you are not interested in any app as it sounds time consuming, And you just need a rough list of what you need to pack when if comes to Travel Essentials, Then here you go…

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Thanks for reading and have a fantastic week!!


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