Zanedo Monthly Beauty Subscription – First Impression

As they say, always try before you buy, But I, on the other hand, don’t take such suggestions too seriously.  I always loved the whole concept of monthly subscription boxes. So after Glambox, I was agitated to know there is another monthly beauty subscription site which is Cheaper with Eco-friendly products and it offers 2 full sized products with each subscription box, so why not try.

I was expecting the packaging to be a little more appealing, I mean, I had pictured a nice trendy box but the products came in a brown boring bag with products loosely wrapped in thin gift paper, which I honestly did not expect. Such a bummer!!

In my first subscription from Zanedo, Here’s what I got,


Meditree | Pure Australian Botanicals – TEA TREE Range

Though had never heard of this brand before, the products were surprising quite nice. All the way from Australia, all Meditree products are vegan, not tested on animals, the packaging is recyclable, ingredients are 100% natural & organic and are completely chemical free, Now that’s what I love and appreciate. There was no note with the packaging introducing the company or the product and ingredients so had to search the details online, good in a way as I got to check other products and their details as well.

  1. Tea Tree Facial Cleanser 100g
  2. Tea Tree Face scrub & mask with kaolin clay 50g
  3. Tea Tree Hydrator 50g
  4. Kakadu plum face cream 50g
  5. Kakadu plum face serum 30g

I subscribed to Zanedo in early October last year and as per their delivery policy, was suppose to get my first subscription box in 2 days, which never happened. In fact, Every subscription box/bag delivered so far has been late which is slightly disappointing. I would have loved if there was a personal or welcome note, product introduction, delivery update mail or a message, but it included none of these and the packaging of the bag was also very poor.

In spite of the delay in delivery, the products seem to be really good. I have received 2 boxes so far and must say the products costs more than what you pay for each month subscription. They have different boxes for Men and Women and also one limited edition box. You can subscribe to Zanedo by choosing any of the three options, 3 months, 6 months and 12 months.

Have you ever subscribed to any Monthly Subscriptions?

Do share your experience by commenting below.

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