5 Reasons why you need Palmer’s Luminous Hydration facial oil

hen it comes to the skin there is no compromise. Let me be honest I am skincare freak it is very difficult for me to accept even a small bump or dryness, I am sure you can relate. Skincare should be more like a ritual than just visiting beauty salons and spending insane money. Who said skincare has to be expensive anyways. You must already know by now how important coconut is for me in my daily routine. I usually start my day with coconut water and snack on coconut flesh on a daily bases, and now I can say this facial oil is my new possession.

If you are regular with your skincare routine then here are 5 reasons why you need Palmer’s coconut oil Luminous Hydration facial oil.

1) This 24-hour moisturizing formula has not the only goodness of coconut oil but also has Tahitian monoi oil which helps in repairing the skin and keeps it supple for a longer time.

2) Other than extra virgin coconut oil and Tahitian monoi oil, it contains 8 different oils such as sweet almond oil, Macadamia oil, argan oil, Grapeseed oil, Passionflower oil, sunflower oil, apricot oil, sesame oil … Phew isn’t it a lot of amazing in just one pack.

3) It is a skin repairer. As you grow older your skin needs need more and more attention. And this case hydration is the key. Along with coconut oil and other 9 amazing oils, it deeply boosts hydration, replenishing and revitalizing skin to its most naturally dewy, radiant and healthy-looking state.

4) It has no harmful chemicals. Generally, skin care products consist of harmful chemicals which can result in skin issues in long-term. On a contrary, Palmer’s coconut oil Luminous hydration facial oil has no parabens, no phthalates, no mineral oil, no gluten, no sulfates, no dyes thus no side effects. Just amazing looking skin all day.

5) Easy application. It comes with a vacuum pump which makes the application way easier. You just need 2 to 3 drops of the facial oil to stay hydrated all day long.

Kindly note, the product is yet to be launched in The UAE and will be soon available on Palmer’s website for a easy buy.

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Happy Glamming!!


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