5 Tips On How To Take A PERFECT Self-Portrait

ocial media is filled with tons and tons of amazing pictures. And did you know the max percentage of pictures clicked by your smartphones are Selfie? The more professional term is Self-Portrait. I Think, Self-portrait photography is one of the most innovative skill which comes with practice and time. Then whether you use a digital camera or your smartphone, the required equipment in both the cases are same. Read further to know how to take a flawless self-portrait.

When I was young, precisely when in college during 2008, I had a Nokia phone 2300. The only entertainment I had on this phone was an inbuilt RADIO & snake game. OMG!! How much I miss those days. At the time when rich kids were flaunting their blackberry, I was happy listening to the radio on my Nokia 2300 with just a few basic functions. At that time humans were sharper and smarter, today phones are much smarter and humans… let’s not talk about it. My second phone was almost after 5 years of that. I still remember 3G enabled phones were launched in mid-2000 with the front camera but Selfies where yet to be discovered.

Being a Fashion and lifestyle blogger my images has to be crisp and must convey the message loud and clear. Though most of the time I pretty much get this job done through someone, it is even more fun when you have to do it by your self. I do come across a lot of people asking me how do I manage to get my clicks done when there is no one around, well here is the answer, ‘Self-Portrait’.

There are a few mandatory things you would need while in the process of taking a Self-portraits.


Like we use selfie stick to click our own images from the front camera, here is what you need when you take self-portraits. Tripods are easily available online nowadays depending on your budget. Though I would always suggest you to choose a heavy-duty tripod, as they hold the camera quite sturdy. This type of tripods can be a bit heavy on your pockets But never the less, any type of a tripod would do a pretty good job. Just make sure they have expandable and strong legs. I use HAMA Star tripod.


I Always prefer a remote than a timer. Especially when I am using my digital camera. I keep it at 2 sec interval so that I get that time to hide the remote and voila you have a perfect self-portrait. And when I click a self-portrait on my phone I use a voice command. Life was never this easy!!


Daylight is the best for any kind of photography so Self-portrait is no exception. Choose the brightest corner of your house and enjoy practicing. In case you are looking to do it more professionally and a continuance process then can invest in professional lightings. You can also take your camera out and click pictures except be careful if you know what I mean.


How can you click a picture without a camera. Whether you own a digital camera or your smartphone, both of them does a good job, except phone images are more accessible to edit and then post. Whereas, with digital cameras, you have to transfer then edit then upload. Though there is no massive difference in the picture quality, a Digital camera does the job much professionally and your phone camera does a fair job. I use Nikon D5200 with 55 mm lenses and 18 to 55 mm lens & The phone is used is Samsung S9 Plus.


I know this is not materialistic, but Practice makes the man perfect. With time and practice, you will be easily master this skill in no time. I know this can be a bit of frustration at first but don’t worry it is not that difficult as it sounds. Just to make your life easier, initially keep your digital camera on automatic focus, later once you get the hang of it, the Manual focus will be a bit easier to judge.

Here are examples of self-portraits clicked by me.

I hope these tips would come to your rescue and I wish to see your self-portrait so don’t forget to email me your snaps on appysmantra@gmail.com.


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Happy Glamming!!


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