5 Ways To Accessorize a Nude Dress – Look Book

Oh, My God….Recently, I am all about Nude Shades and I guess it is quite obvious. Call it flesh color or nude shade, they all belong to the same brown family. Right from my choice of clothes to lip shades in my vanity, I am obsessed. A lot of you must have felt this at some point in time on ‘’How can I pair up this shade to break the monotony”.

It is like a plain canvas, style it the way you like it. Honestly, I feel pairing Nude Shades is a no-brainer. Because it is neutral you can either pair it with some additional piece of cloth or just accessorize it smartly. As I always say there are no fix rules for fashion, you set your own. In my previous article, I shared all about Nudes shades dressing and styling tips.

In this article, I am gonna share my best 5 ways to accessorize a nude shade dress, my way!!

1. Lip shade:- Choose your lip shade wisely. Do not, I repeat DO NOT wear a lip shade any lighter than the dress shade. Trust me no one likes to look like a camouflage. Choosing a darker shade in Nudes or in reds will enhance your look and change your personality altogether.

2. Jewelry:- Gold to Rose Gold Jewelry goes very well with nudes. Wear a watch, neck piece or an earpiece but don’t wear too many things on you. I personally love the plain look but in case you love to accessorize a bit more than wear some kind of a jewelry to balance the look.

3. Bag/purse:- It makes a lot of difference, to be honest. If you are carrying neutral bag in shades of brown on a nude dress on its own then you are on a right path. But wearing an orange skirt on a nude top with a yellow bag sounds funny to me. Mix and match your colors with Nudes but don’t go too much over the top.

4. Kimono/Jacket/Shrug:- You must have already realized how I like combinations. Light on dark and dark on light. I am sure no one would like to look boring. Breaking the monotony for me is very important. When you go for contrast either choose shades from the same family or choose not more than one shade while going out of the box.

5. Belt and footwear:- For belts, It is very simple Lighter nude dress with darker belt and vice-versa. You can always play with colors on nudes but try you stay with just 2 contrast colors for a subtle look. Footwear can either match your dress or your belt. The safest option here is Black or dark brown on lighter and vice-versa.

Floral prints are my favorite and I love to pair them with something simple and plain within. Like in my look below I chose the colors from the same family and created a look-book for you Ladies.

Dress and Belt – Bangkok || Shoes – Shoe Mart || Shrug – Stalkbuylove


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Happy Glamming!!


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