A Weekend at Kempinski Resort Ajman

Tropical Paradise in the middle of a desert. Whaaaattt?? It happens only in your dreams… well no guys, this was not dream nor an Arabian story.I am talking about Kempinski Beach resort Ajman, one of the luxurious resorts to stay in. Just an hour away from Dubai, situated in AJMAN, this property is good for a secret getaway from the hustle and bustle. Beautiful clear sky, warm blue water, nice relaxing beachside shacks and that’s all I needed.

Places like these can be a little pricey so consider buying a deal. And try to go during the weekdays or if you choose to stay here during weekends… please do not choose the public holiday (suggesting by experience). Never the less, it was a much-needed break from the busy life in Dubai, this beach resort fulfills all your relaxation needs. A private beach, amazing tropical fresh juices, beautiful view, Play pool with a counter bar amazing Breakfast and much more.

Room & View

In & Around the Hotel

Beach Shack

Ambiance: *** one more for the private beach *

Breakfast: ****

Rooms: *** as per what was allotted to us

Service: *****

Overall: ***1/2

Will I want to come back? Yes may be
Is this the favorite so far? It was FUN but not sure if favorite.

Enjoy your Stay!!

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