All You Need To Know About Scalp Hygiene

Invest in your hair; it is a Crown you never take off.

Your hair can be a game changer. It can change your look from sophisticated to messy in just no time. Well, as they say, treat your hair good and your hair will return the favor. We generally concentrate on body hygiene where the scalp is just limited to washing with shampoo and conditioning the tips. But do you think it is enough? Read more to know all about Scalp Hygiene.

Scalp hygiene Is as crucial as personal hygiene. Growth, shine and strong roots are the signs of healthy hair. Dandruff is one of the most common results in lack of scalp hygiene. Hair loss, Brittle hair, head lice all adds up to your issues. Followed by everything you can think of, other than medical conditions.

Here is something you need to know some facts first:-

Sweaty Scalp:-

Summers makes your scalp itchy and smelly simultaneously. Long hair or short, male or female the scalp conditions are mostly the same when it comes to sweat. It gets really get irritating after some time if not washed straight away. Whether you have just come back from the gym or work, never let your sweat set on you or your scalp as it will mainly attract more dirt and pollution. Which will end up giving you dandruff, hair fall, and all those not so pleasant conditions?

Massaging Scalp:-

This may sound a bit complicated but, Your hair is made of live organism called keratin. It develops from the root to your scalp follicles which are naturally greased by a substance called Sebum. From dry to oily, every scalp releases some by default. Massaging your scalp regularly helps release that sebum.

Though there is very less sebum can do for long hair because as your hair grow longer,  they get lifeless. They cant work on their own unless you don’t nourish and take care of them. In simple words, massaged scalp doesn’t reach to the tip of  your hair. You need to oil and deep condition them regularly.  If you have seen my previous article I have shared some essential oils I use once a week for deep conditioning.

Washing your Scalp:-

Did you the most search keyword on google is “how often to wash your hair”. Summer is obvious and sweaty scalp come along with it. Not washing your hair often or washing your hair very often, both can be lethal. So Washing them twice a week is the minimum advisable. Though it also depends on your hair and skin type.

Washing your hair every day can make your scalp go dry and the production of sebum will reduce in result your hair gets very rough and dries your scalp.

Washing your hair once a week is equally bad. As you are allowing the sweat and dirt to set on your scalp. Which in result gives you week roots , hair fall, and smelly scalp.

Using styling products:-

In this case, I am referring to both tools and creams. Let’s face it, both are not good. They look good when styled but actually are destroying your roots and hair. That is the reason why I say deep conditioning once a week apart from oiling your scalp is necessary.

Now let come back to the Main topic. Scalp hygiene and hair care.
  • Oiling your scalp:- Never massage any oil on a dirty scalp. You will force the dirt into your roots which can create more harm than good. Hair fall, Dandruff, weak roots etc. will, in turn, accompany you. Always prefer unscented
  • Hair washes:- Wash your hair at least twice a week as advised above. Alternatively, use mild shampoos. Make sure you get rid of oily scalp completely.
  • Conditioner:- As I always say, Less is more. Use little by little, let it say for 5 to 10 mins (Is must) and then rinse.
  • Natural drying:- let your hair dry naturally and do no keep your hair tied up for very while they are still wet. You may end up breaking few more hair follicles.
  • Serum:- Towel dry your hair and then apply serum to you tips and not on your scalp or root.

Bonus Tip:- Mix half a portion of water and fill the rest with apple cider vinegar (with mother). Apply once in 15 days or as required. Keep it for 10 to 15 mins on your scalp and wash. I will help your scalp feel and stay fresh longer. If you have chronic Dandruff it will help you get rid of it completely, just use a mild shampoo. It gives a nice shine to your hair and also helps avoid any bacteria or inflammation caused by bacteria. It has many other benefits for your hair as well as skin.

Caution:- this smells terrible so be prepared.

Let me know if this is your way to scalp hygiene too.


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Happy Glamming!!


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