Vacation is all about exploring new places, culture, food and most of all beaches. YES!! I love to go places with beaches. After planning for Months and months we decided to go to Bali, it was our dream destination.Bali is one of the hottest tourists destinations in current times. Bali attracts above 3 million tourists every year, where the major belong to Australia, Japan & China. We had to cover a very long journey as we were flying from Dubai and we had a group back in Mumbai waiting for us to fly together. So in total, we must have spent around good 20 hours including layover time. Yes, long traveling hours makes you tired but the excitement keeps you on your toes.

Bali is 80 % Hindu population and the land itself describe its story. The Landmarks in this region are inspired by characters from Mahabharata & no doubt the sculptures of these characters are amazingly beautiful. BALI a place rich in its culture as well as diverse activities. There is everything for everyone, one can explore the religious but beautiful temples as well as indulge them self’s in sports and other activities. Check out my top amazing things to do in Bali.

We had hired a driver + tour guide,  Mr. Wayan was very helpful. Punctual, safe and very knowledgeable. He took us to all the places we wanted to visit and took us too many places which were not on the list (wink-wink). Of course, it is not possible to cover each and every corner but was fortunate enough to cover many places which were recommended. I Would highly recommend to hire a driver + tour guide if you do not know the place that well.

Driver + Guide

MY TOP 10 Things on to do list in Bali:-

  • Tanah Lot Temple

The illusion of its existence in the ocean, this temple is Bali’s one of the most beautiful water temple. A place I call heaven for photographers. Stunning open water body, blue sky and a beautiful sunset to witness are few things you’ll find here.

  • Uluwatu temple

At a slightly higher altitude this temple gives you the best bird’s eye view of the Milky waves smashing on walls of the mountain is a sight I can never forget. This place is again a paradise for photographers like me. Moreover, I have never witnessed a Sunset so beautiful in my life. Be aware of Monkeys they are very notorious

  • Goa Gaja

This temple came as a surprise to me. This is a cave temple where people worship Lord Ganesha as the name says. Located near to the Central Ubud this place has few bathing pools, fountains and beautiful wall carving.

  • Royal Temple

It wouldn’t be fair for me to say this, But you can skip visiting Royal Temple. But for people who are hungry for some beautiful clicks then consider visiting this place during the morning ceremony time.

  • Ubud Monkey Forest

Taking about Monkeys, Udub Monkey Forest is full of them. Most active during morning and early evenings, this monkeys eye on everything you have, from cameras to food, from your phone to your specs, these monkeys are mischievous but fun to play with at the same time.

  • Ubud Market

Just a little ahead from Monkey forest is Ubud Market. Right from apparels to accessories, from Show pieces to souvenir; this place is a one-stop-shop for all your shopping needs.

  • Tegallalang Rice Terraces in Ubud

Witness the stunning green lush landscape with the layers of rice cultivation practices by the traditional Balinese village people. Located at 600 meters above the sea level Tegallalang Rice Terrace have become one of the top tourist attractions in If you wish to spend your mornings or afternoons here, then admiring the view with few sips of Tea or coffee is the best the way to make your moment memorable.

  • Sports

There is no limit when it comes to Water sports in Bali. Then may it be river rafting in between the rice cultivations or scuba diving. A tourist from nearby countries visit Bali for one water sport mainly and that is Surfing. Other than all this you can also do Parasailing, Sea walking, Snorkeling as I said the options are endless. One more thing Bali is very famous for is morning hiking at Kintamani and Mount Batur, once place to witness the sun rise over the Volcanic mountain is one expirence is cherish life long.

  • Pubbing and Clubbing

If all the above does’t excite you then don’t worry, Bali has a lot to offer you in this zone as well. Two places I highly recommend for you to visit is Rock Bar & Potato Head, where I would suggest to reach by the mid-evening to witness the beautiful sunset. Other than that there are many pubs in Kuta with decent music and amazing food to eat.

And Last but not the Least

  • Shopping

Places to shop are ample in Bali. You name it they have it. Street shopping in Ubud Market or Kuta Market will not disappoint you if your bargain skills are top-notch. Right from Cloths to small souvenir there is everything you would like to splurge upon. Moreover, If you are more into branded shopping then there are many malls such as Kuta Beachwalk Mall, Discovery Shopping Mall, Lippo Mall etc to shop from.


  • Pandawa beach

Pandawa Beach is located in Kutuh Village, South Kuta District, around 3 km from the famous Nusa Dua area. This is a place which tells an ancient story of the journey covered by the famous Pandavs from Mahabharata.

  • Puri Saren Palace

Puri Saren Palace

Puri Saren Agung is a Palace where the royal story began 80 years ago. located just a walk stretch from Ubud Market. Every night the palace comes alive with the sound of Gamelan music ( is the traditional ensemble music of Java and Bali in Indonesia) as Balinese dances are performed just across the wall.

  • Ubud Waterfall

Other places recommended are Kintamani and Mount Batur and if you love hiking then do not miss these places, Unfortunately, we could not do it as was raining and we had to cancel.


Looking for a Luxurious or Budget-friendly stay? Bali has everything for every pocket size. During my course of 8 days in Bali, We stayed in 2 different places which are:-

Pat-Mase Villa:- For initial 2 nights, I had rented Pat-Mase Villa located in Jimbaran. 5 kilometers away from the AirPort, Pat-Mase offers decent size Pool villa with all needed amenities.

Harris Beach Resort:- Located in Kuta just behind the Beach Walk Mall, is accessible to all the major destinations in Kuta. Rooms are quite big enough, clean and pretty affordable too. Very near to all happening scenes on the streets of Kuta.


As it was just 8 days stay our main concentration was on visiting all the happening places and beaches. Some had recommended Potato Head beach club and Rock bar Bali both are highly over priced and highly elite so do dress well.  Make sure if you are a Male planning to spend a sunset time at Rockbar, dress up well with full pants, shirt or t-shirt… as otherwise u simply won’t be allowed in there (suggestion with experience) and try visiting during the daytime.


Bali being a coastal region, Obviously, this place is a paradise for seafood Lovers. Being a vegetarian, it is difficult too find food in such places  they hardly understand vegetarian food as for them fish and chicken is also vegetarian, so be very careful on what you order and check before you eat. In Kuta, there are few vegetarian-friendly restaurants like SandBar restaurant , Pronto pizza, Queens of India and few more so do your research well before you Plan. Bali is famous for BINTANG so don’t forget to try!!

Few Things to Note:

  • Plan your visit to Bali during May, June & July as it is considered to be the best season.
  • Try and travel as minimalistic as possible as Bali is quite humid coz of its coastal Think clothes, too many accessories or even makeup won’t be needed here.
  • Carrying Sunscreen is a must!!
  • Travel wearing comfortable shoes instead you will feel blessed.
  • Don’t visit too many temples the entry fees is a waste of money and most of the time the temples are closed after the morning rituals.
  • Be smart while shopping, don’t be afraid to bargain.
  • Click as many pictures are possible, as Bali is one of its Kind of Place.

In and all, Bali is beautiful, full of surprises and a great escape. We summed up our vacation within 8000 DHS as were running on a strict budget, but if money is no problem then, the sky’s the limit.

Thanks for reading. Hope you liked it. Updated on 21/08/2017

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Thanks for reading and have a fantastic Week!!


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