Best Blow-Dry In Town – The White Room Spa Dubai

My equation with The White Room Spa goes years and years back. I still remember, in 2013 their existence in Dubai started with just 2 spas, that was in JLT and another one in Motor City. And today I feel so proud to say this, they are spread over 4 different locations covering Dubai Marina and Ibn Battuta to be the latest one.

To began with, let me introduce you to one of the most beautiful and peaceful places I have ever been to – The White Room Spa. Their Pure White interiors with just few pop of colors like fuchsia pink, gray and some splash of yellow and royal blue in their beautiful wall paintings, looks not just pleasant to your eyes but gives you a sense of relaxation. The antique lighting fixtures with rope holding fancy bulbs from the ceiling give a unique dimension to the spa. The moment you enter from those beautiful slide doors, it makes you feel calm, serene and safe.

Moving forward, let’s look at the treatments they offer. White Room Spa has various treatments to choose from. They cover all the essential aspects of cure one can think of. Right from the tip to toe, they use all well-known products for best results. And the beauticians here are hard working peaceful and well trained. They exactly know what they are doing and attends you with utmost care.

Recently, I had been to their latest launched spa at Ibn-Battuta Mall – Dubai. Again as explained, the interior is pure white and the paintings on the wall will make you want one. As I have visited all their other three locations, the one at Ibn-battuta is quite small but designed quite smartly.

I had a chance to try their famous blow-dry, not that this was my first visit, but trust me, the blow dry here will certainly blow your mind, I meant, I sincerely loved it. For the price, 75 AED, no matter what length is your hair & which style you prefer, the cost remains the same. it includes Hair wash and conditioning too…  I think it is an absolute steal, isn’t is?

Also got their essential manicure-pedicure done, and so far this has been my best experience at any spa. The staff who attended me was so patient with my tickling behavior (I feel ticklish with alien touch… I know it sounds funny, hehe!)

Here are some images for your eyes to see how beautiful this place is…… ♥…….

If you are anywhere planning to visit The White Room Spa, I recommend booking an appointment well in advance or at least a day prior. They have recently launched a call center number too & that is 80097666, so any branch you wish to book, just call this number.

You can also connect with them on Facebook and Instagram, for latest offers, Stories, and updates. They are quite responsive that way.

In case you visit this place, Do share your experience with me, would love to hear from you. Follow me on Instagram and Facebook

Happy Grooming!! ♥


Appy ♥♥

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