Camping at Al Qudra Lake Dubai

If you thought life in Dubai is all about giant malls and huge structures? then think again. People from all over the world come to Dubai for two things, Shopping and adventure. Dirt biking, Skydiving, go-karting just to name a few, are some famous adventures people come here to experience. But there is one adventure which is raising its fame in the list of the quest to do in Dubai? Any guess…?? Well, It is Desert Camping. No… I am not referring to desert safari I am talking about CAMPING in the deserts of UAE with tents, Bonfire, marshmallow on the stick, barbecue… Isn’t it exciting?

You must have camped out in the hills, mountains, forests, but desert camping is an experience in itself. Cold Nights, Full moon, Twinkling stars with Campfire, winter is the season for camping in Dubai. Some close friends, music, barbecue & hukka — oh common what’s desert camping without sheesha!!

There are many camping destinations in Dubai and one of them is Al qudra lake. Located at just 25 KM away from Dubai it is newly opened adjoining to the famous Al qudra cycling track. This place is one of its kind. It is near to the city yet deserted, a long cycling track passing through the desert mounts, beautiful scenery and what not.

Some Camping Essentials you will need are,

→ Tents of course, as what’s camping without tents?!,
→ Loads of wood to burn when I say a loads I mean lots and lots, coz nights in deserts are freezing cold,
→ Fuel to burn the wood & coal… that’s if you are planning to barbecue,
→ Fully charged torch,
→ Camping Chairs,
→ Warm sheets,
→ Trash bags,
→ Food, of course
→ Lots of drinking water.

As this was my first time camping in Dubai, I was bound to make mistakes,

Mistake No. 1 – did not carry enough wood,
Mistake No. 2 – did not carry enough coal either,
Mistake No. 3 – underestimated the cold, so did not carry enough warm sheets, as it was freezing cold,
Mistake No. 4 – overpacked food, which got wasted.  and the list goes on.

After all, we learn from our mistakes, isn’t it? But honestly, it is a must have experience, and I don’t mind doing it again and again

Few things you can expect at Al Qudra Lake is,

⇒ Trek Bicycle Store, if you love cycling or are willing to… you can hire bikes here;
⇒ Cycling track which is one of the world’s largest designated cycle tracks with 84 km trail loop through the desert;
⇒ A food store, you can buy drinks, chips, and snacks;
⇒ Lots camping spots and;
⇒ Some exotic birds like swans, falcons, and flamingos.

It is just like an oasis in the middle of the desert. It is beautiful, away from the city but not too very far, reaching here is very easy too.

If you are going for a day camping, you can choose your own timing depending on how long you want to spend time. But if planning for a night over, Ideal time to reach is around 5 pm, that’s almost near to the sunset and don’t miss the sunrise, it is very beautiful.

Do share your experience on camping, would love you hear from you guys.

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