Catching Butterflies in the Frame – Dubai Butterfly Garden

Butterflies, though they are counted under the insect category, but in my opinion they are one for the most beautiful and fashionable creatures in existence. The Color, the vibrancy and the patron on each butterfly is unique. Where on this earth do you think you will be able to witness such fabulous mortals under one roof? Dubai Butterfly Garden is one such place which is a home to almost 35,000 diverse species of butterflies.

Dubai is all about Fashion, Fancy cars, fashionable infrastructure, and stylish people, then how can Dubai ignore its newest edition of Parks and Gardens? Right from Glow Garden to Dubai Parks and Resorts, Dubai has set a bench mark for the world. And Dubai Butterfly Garden is in no means less than any other Places in Dubai and you would definitely want to add in your bucket list.

Dubai Butterfly Garden is Bright, color full and a fun place to visit. This place is divided into three major zones. The Dome Zone, Butterfly Museum and Butterfly Flower Park.

The Park located outside of the main dome has 50 million flowers gushed over sculptures. The Garden alone covers approximately 1800 square meter of the area.

The Museum is indoors and consists of beautiful frames and art affects made with false butterflies is truly magnificent.

Moving forward is the Dome which is again diving into four zones. Each Zone is climatically controlled depending on the species residing under. You will also see some treats around the premises on which butterflies feed on. It is a perfect combination of educational and incredible offerings, Dubai Butterfly Garden has become a must place to visit in Dubai.

This Place adds some amazing facts to its bucket. The very first being, this place is world’s biggest indoor garden for Butterflies consists of 4 custom built domes and a butterfly museum. This place is not just about Butterflies but may also find some love birds and parrots. As mentioned before, the indoor part of the garden is climatically controlled for these beautiful creatures to feel at home and can survive. You get to play around and touch the butterflies too, but be careful as these stunning creation of god are way too fragile.

The indoor domes has three fish ponds which have variety of color full fishes, I was fortunate enough to spot Koi fishes which are symbol of peace and has a strong character. You can also find some shops inside the premises to buy souvenirs. They have an indoor coffee shop where you can chill and enjoy the digital demonstration of evolution on Butterflies.

This place being just a year above old is maintained quite well. Once you enter the site you will actually feel the tropical pressure under the dome, the sounds of birds’ chirping, water fall, creeper plants falling from the ceiling and spotting some beautiful patterned butterflies, will make you feel being a part of tropical paradise.

Dubai Butterfly Garden is open throughout the year. If you wish to visit, this place opens from 9AM to 6:00 PM. And the entry fees is 50 AED, Which I know is slightly pricey, but trust me it is totally worth it.

PSST….. Try to visit during the noon time the Butterflies are most active.

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