Relax Your Body & Soul at Ayur Mandala Ayurvedic center

elaxed mind is a sign of relaxed soul and vice versa. And what is the best way to relax your body than Ayur Mandala Ayurvedic Center located in Jumeirah. It said that the ancient Ayurveda technic is so strong that it can open all the blocks within your system and helps each organ to breath and functions correctly. The knowledge of Ayurvedic presence is vast and unique, so it is very important to fall under the safe hands and that’s where Ayur Mandala plays its part.  Being a huge believer of ayurvedic methods, I would love to share my spiritual experience with all of you.

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Dubai’s Most Thrilling Family Park ‘Aventura’ Reopens

Back to Aventura

The Cool weather is around the corner, and so is Dubai’s most thrilling family adventure park 

Aventura, the region’s new family adventure park located in Mushrif Park’s Ghaf tree forest, is set to open its doors for its second season, bringing back the most daring circuits and thrilling obstacles to Dubai residents, students and tourists; from tree-surfing and zip-lining to rope-climbing, you’re bound to reach peak adrenaline rush.

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5 Things to Register at Ramadan Night Market

Hey Guys, Ramadan Kareem!! Feeling Blessed to post my first post in this holy month!!

Ramadan, A sacred month which is not quite constrained to fasting but rather it is a time of pardoning, Charity and Peace. I truly appreciate the soul of this city amid this fest. Various inns and eateries serve iftars with tasty sustenance non-veg as well as veg. The city appears to wake up each night.

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Catching Butterflies in the Frame – Dubai Butterfly Garden

Butterflies, though they are counted under the insect category, but in my opinion they are one for the most beautiful and fashionable creatures in existence. The Color, the vibrancy and the patron on each butterfly is unique. Where on this earth do you think you will be able to witness such fabulous mortals under one roof? Dubai Butterfly Garden is one such place which is a home to almost 35,000 diverse species of butterflies.

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