Newlook Salon – Launching In Dubai This October!

** Your new go-to salon that offers the ultimate perfection in beauty services**

Newlook Salon, the new beauty destination in Dubai, is set to open its doors this October with the promise of offering women in the region the ultimate pampering experience. Inspired by the founder’s in-depth background knowledge in beauty field, the premium salon is located in the convenient and trendy location in Aswaaq Center, Al Quoz 2, Dubai.

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Enjoy a Thrilling Zip Line Adventure in Dubai After Dark

Beat the hot weather and make the most of Aventura’s extended opening hours from now until the end of the season.

Calling all adrenaline junkies!  If you have already experienced the action-packed Aventura Park during the day, why not make the most of the cooler nights and enjoy an exhilarating zip-line in the Ghaf tree-lined forest in Mushrif Park after dark? At Aventura Parks, you can test your mental and physical agility whilst having fun in the great outdoors.  Dubai’s first adventure park offers an unforgettable experience filled with thrilling zip lines and over 80 climbing, tree-surfing, zip-lining, rope-crossing challenges spread over 5 different levels, off the ground and in-between the trees.

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HydroPeptide Anti-Aging Skin Care Launches in UAE

HydroPeptide, the leader in luxury peptide-based skin care, has been revolutionising skin care across the globe since 2004 through the science of epigenetics. With the power of peptides as messenger molecules that work on a cellular level to increase hydration, visibly reduce lines and wrinkles, and enhance skin’s natural luminosity, HydroPeptide offers anti-aging products, facials and body treatments in the world’s most prestigious spas, resorts, medical spas and physician’s offices and is now available in leading spas and salons across the UAE.

The award winning HydroPeptide range focuses its efforts on peptide technology in order to firm the skin and improve tone and texture.  Exposure to the sun and harsh contaminants takes its toll on the skin. The natural aging process also depletes the skin of essential components, causing it to lose its resilience and form wrinkles, to develop sagging, and to become discoloured. Through the daily use of HydroPeptide formulas, it is possible to promote healthy skin and minimize such damage. The formulas deliver over 60 different peptides in order to best serve the skin’s needs. The goal is to promote healthy and beautiful skin, allowing it to recapture its youthful glow.

HydroPeptide products include a number of different formulas, each of which address a specific concern on a particular feature – the eyes, cheeks, neck, hands, and body. Each formulation in the range includes only the best ingredients, including technologically advanced elements that specifically target the concerns that arise with aging skin.

Best selling products from the range include:

  • HydroPeptide Eye Authority (AED 385) 

This multi-functional eye cream immediately brightens dark circles with crushed pearl while diminishing expression lines, wrinkles and puffiness over time.

  • HydroPeptide Cleansing Gel (AED 225)

This all-in-one anti-aging gentle cleanser effectively removes dirt and excess oil while toning and lifting away all traces of makeup without over-drying.

  • HydroPeptide Power Serum (AED 695)

This power-packed treatment repairs and strengthens the infrastructure of the skin and relaxes wrinkle formation for a firmer, years-younger appearance.

  • HydroPeptide Anti-Wrinkle Polish & Plump Peel Kit (AED 415)

Instantly receive the benefits of a gentle microdermabrasion, a light chemical peel and a pampering facial in just two easy steps.

  • Perfecting Lip Gloss (AED 210)

Restore lip fullness, volume and definition within minutes while enhancing long-lasting suppleness and hydration. This Perfecting Gloss will perfect your pout with a warming, tingling sensation and a luminous gloss. Available in 6 different shades.

  • Solar Defense Broad Spectrum SPF 40 Body (AED 230)

The refreshing body spray combines organically derived sun-blockers for protection against UVA, UVB and Infrared damage with a sweet passionfruit scent.

The HydroPeptide range of products is suitable and recommended for every skin type and was developed to be used long term in order to help the skin look its best throughout the years. With regular use, the products will help you achieve a radiant, younger-looking complexion. The range is strictly animal cruelty free and the brand is committed to clean ingredients and sustainability and most of the packaging is recyclable.

HydroPeptide professional treatments and the retail range are available at a number of locations across the UAE including Rossano Ferretti Hair Spas, Sisters,  Liv Nordic Spa, Park Hyatt Atarmia Spa, NSTYLE and TAO Spa.  For more information, please visit or keep up-to-date with the latest news on Instagram (

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Step into 2018 with skinade & slow down the signs of ageing

New Year, New You

 **Step into 2018 with celebrity favourite collagen drink skinade & slow down the signs of ageing whilst enjoying glowing skin**

As 2017 draws to a close and we begin to make our New Year’s resolutions, high on the list for many is taking better care of ourselves. The start of a new year gives a clean slate to work with where we can break bad habits and start afresh.  With busy lifestyles and an ever-increasing to-do list, the majority of us are guilty of not taking good care of ourselves – so why not make 2018, the year of becoming our best, healthiest selves?

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Winter Skin Woes No More with a little help from Herbal Essentials

Winter Skin Woes No More

**Transition your skincare into winter with ease with Herbal Essentials**

The UAE’s winter is here and as we start to adjust our closets and contemplate if it really is cold enough to justify adding a jumper or two into our winter wardrobe, the same should be said for our skincare regime. Sure, we don’t have to endure frosty mornings and icy winds, however the change in humidity and drop in temperature can wreak havoc on our skin and cause dryness and dullness, which is never a good look. The changes in the elements can also exacerbate skin sensitivity and cause redness, itchiness and flaking. With this in mind, we need to be a little kinder to our skin this season and give it the TLC that it deserves.

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