Cromo-Aroma facials by Marzia Clinic – Review

Skincare is the most crucial part of our daily routine. Taking care of your skin at the early age can help you delay  many skin issues related to age. Did you know every part of your face has different skin issues? And needs to be treated differently? Well, now you know. Recently I reviewed Cromo-Aroma Facial by Marzia Clinic at Blush and Curls salon.

Marzia clinic is an Italian skin care expert brand. CROMO-aroma facial being their signature line of products to be used at home or Spas is a skin treatment based on color therapy. It is based on the holistic system from a very crucial concept and that is, our Skin is the reflection of our inner health condition and lifestyle. Inspired by the same holistic system to treat the external skin concerns and also address the inner imbalance related to high stress and health factors which has a negative impact on your skin. The treatment is based on color therapy which is used to help solve the specific issues.

All CromoAroma facials use a balanced combination of Colour & BioAroma Oils to enhance the well-being of the body focusing not only on the physical state but the emotional and psychic state of the skin as well. The BioAroma oils used are 100% pure, of natural origin extracted from barks, resins, flowers, and fruits.  All products are Paraben and Preservative free, mineral oil free, silicone free, alcohol-free and are vegan certified.

The process starts with filling a form where they ask about your lifestyle in order to help the inner health issue along with the treatment. Followed by feet wash which Is more like a welcome treat but also relaxes your system the very moment. After which the actual treatment starts with analyzing your skin to target the problem area. As mentioned above the therapy is based on color, where Blue is for sensitivity, green is for balancing, violet for acne prone skin, orange for dehydrated skin and finally, the red is for anti-aging. My therapist suggested me to go with Blue as my skin is way too sensitive and delicate.

The facial began with a back massage which I wish could have gone on and on (aahhh!! Can’t tell you how badly I needed one). She used a cleansing lotion with bisabolol base, Micro-organisms infused exfoliating mask followed by the rose water infused toning sheet mask on my skin. Later she acupressured some points on my face targeting the problem which I must say actually released the tension off from my skin. And the process ends with the mask which is a base made by mixing essential oils and natural blueberry powder.

My Experience:- Being a full-time blogger and part-time you-tuber constantly demands me to stay in front of a computer screen. You will find me either writing my next blog post or edit upcoming videos. Hours and hours of outdoor shoots, wearing makeup which is equal to the tired and stressed skin. This facial treatment by Marzia clinic was indeed a pleasant experience and my skin did feel much relaxed. Aging is a fact of our life and just cleaning and usual creams are not enough post 30’s. I highly recommend trying Cromo-Aroma facials by Marzia Clinic at Blush and curls.


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