Dinner at Ottimo Ristorante

Italian, Mexican, Mediterranean you name it they have it and when you know it is all vegetarian then why not try? Good food, great ambiance & excellent service that’s all you need.  Attendants working here knows exactly what they are serving and how the food is made… Well trained staff, I must say. Ottimo being a vegetarian multi cuisine restaurant, they have ample of mouth watering JAIN options as well.

This place is relatively popular amongst the vegetarians. Unlike many another Italian restaurant, their food speaks for themselves. Well, this was not my first visit here but would really suggest visiting during Weekdays… it is much more peaceful, not crowded… so NO complain. You know what I mean right!?!

Nachos El Classico

Sautéed Exotic Vegetables

Berry Blossom & Kiwi Margarita

Al Pesto

Spanakorizo with Paprika Sauce

Noce Brownie Al conccolanto

Chocolate Bomb

Ambiance: ****
Food: ***** Excellent
Weekend v/s Weekday: Like peaceful place? Then definitely the weekday
Service: *****
Pennywise: not so expensive spent 300 DHS for 5 people with 8 items and 4 drinks to be precise which is not bad at all. What say?
Overall: ****

Must try: sautéed Exotic vegetables (<3), Al Pesto, Noce Brownie Al conccolanto, Chocolate Bomb

Will I want to come back? Hell Yeah!! Again and again, I love this place <3

Do let me know your experience and yes you get 10% discount on emirates NBD.

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