Essential Hair Oils Every Girl Must Have

Trying new things on your hair is never a bad thing, but taking good care of them simultaneously is important too. Did you know hair texture changes with age just like your skin? Like your skin care routine changes with your age so does your hair care routine also must change. Oiling  for that beautiful luscious looking hair is an ancient tradition. Coconut oil has been recognized as the best remedy for ages. I remember my grandmother mentioned once how they used to extract oil from the coconut at home for various uses. Though it is a very easy process but is a bit time consuming which nowadays we lack, isn’t it? Well, I have been a big fan using essential oils for my hair, because of which my hair care routine is one of the most asked questions.

Every girl always has a desire for Long and thick hair. But this comes with its own problems. It looks beautiful but maintaining them takes a lot of time and effort. I know how it feels to have big hair. I have been a big hair girl all my life, well you can say, it’s in my DNA. My mother always told me as a child I had straight and silky hair texture which changed with age. As far as I remember I always had mid-length hair throughout my life but then I decided to grow them longer. Now the only time I visit a salon is when I want to get rid of the split ends.

I am in my 30’s and I cant just relay on a coconut oil, I like to mix something extra . As mentioned above about my preference for organic hair oil. I have been asked by a lot of my readers about my hair care routine. Let’s start with the basic since I have been talking about essential oils, I am gonna share my little secret. Taking care of your hair was never this easy.

These Essential Hair oils would leave your hair looking luxurious as well as healthy.

Olive oil:-

Don’t underestimate the power of Olive oil by thinking it can only be used for cooking delicious meals. Olive has many benefits, especially for dry hair as well as skin. If you are big hair girl like me with frizzy hair, then olive oil is the answer to all your hair problems. It adds a great shine to your hair and helps hydrate the dehydrated and dull hair. It is known to be a powerhouse of goodness when it comes to your hair and even skin. This oil alone is enough to solve your hair problems like dullness, split ends, hair fall, and frizziness. With the regular use of this oil which should mostly be used as hot oil therapy can leave your hair with extremely soft, manageable, strength and shine.

Here is a great tip:- If you need to deep condition your hair. Just mix some olive oil with avocado in a paste-like consistency and use that as a hair mask after the wash. Rinse and use your regular conditioner to lock the goodness of your mask. (the conditioner will help slip off any particle stuck in your hair).

Caution: don’t use this mixture on dry hair as it can get a bit difficult to get rid of the mask.

Coconut + Jojoba + Argan :-

Finally I disclosed my secret.  This is my the most favorite way to condition my hair on the regular bases. We all know how important coconut oil is for our hair. But adding some jojoba and argan oil make it a powerhouse of nutrition for your hair.


Coconut oil is a wonder oil we all know it. Helps fight against dry coarse hair. It helps your hair stay hydrated, thinker and helps grow your hair longer. It fights against dandruff and the fatty acids along with the vitamins help nourish the scalp.

Jojoba Oil:- you can never ask for more with Jojoba oil. Good for your hair but can also be used to moisturize your skin. It is an excellent ingredient for rapid hair growth as it helps hair cells reproduce themselves faster. Nature of this oil is very lite and gets absorbed by the scalp very easily. It also helps fight against the dry scalp.

Argan Oil:- This is one of the most underestimated oil in my terms as people mostly relate argan oil with limited to skin care. But argan oil works like a magic wand on your hair too. It helps in eliminated dandruff and dry scape. It tames frizzy hair and flyaways too. You can use it a leave-in serum to repair your split ends. If you have curly hair it defines them too. Give you shiner and glowing look. Controls hair fall too.

Now when you mix all these ingredients to condition your hair, I promise you will find a need to visit any salon for hot oil treatment. These three oils are more than enough for you get rid of many hair related issues.

Do try this treatment for a month at least, twice a week to begin with if you have extremely bad hair and leave it over for not less than 4 to 5 hrs and then wash. Let me know the results.

P.S. If you cant find these oils in any local stores, there are plenty of online stores where you can find them. I recommend only organic. And always remember less is more!!


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