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elaxed mind is a sign of relaxed soul and vice versa. And what is the best way to relax your body than Ayur Mandala Ayurvedic Center located in Jumeirah. It said that the ancient Ayurveda technic is so strong that it can open all the blocks within your system and helps each organ to breath and functions correctly. The knowledge of Ayurvedic presence is vast and unique, so it is very important to fall under the safe hands and that’s where Ayur Mandala plays its part.  Being a huge believer of ayurvedic methods, I would love to share my spiritual experience with all of you.

Right back in 2012, we had visited Munnar (Kerala) which is known to be the hub or birth of ayurvedic treatments. I could feel the same vibes when I entered the premises. The smell of Ayurveda oils, the interiors, the music made me feel right like I was in Munnar. As I mentioned I am a huge believer of ayurvedic treatments as they target right on your problems with sure results. Not only that Ayurvedic treatments are the most ancient ones in our Indian history which takes a much more holistic approach towards life and well being.

About the Premises

This place is a perfect blend of modern appearance with traditional touches. The Premises has a waiting room, Meditation room, Gazebo in the backyard for under the sky experience, outdoor seating by the garden. With 4 to 5 rooms for treatments, each room has a traditional steam chamber, storage, bathing facilities. Surrender yourself to the team of well-trained therapists straight from Kerala. The treatment we were offered was Abhyanga which is a basic body massage with the use of traditional oil. The treatment starts from a head and shoulder massage followed by the entire body. This treatment helps you manage your muscle stress and improves blood circulation. It is excellent for people suffering from hypertension and improves lymph flow and help relax your muscles.

My Experience

Who says no to a relaxing body massage and when it is Ayurvedic then there is no chance to back out isn’t it? Ayurveda knowledge come with a lot of practice and experience. To know the right body points and to know how to heal your body with out medicines is nothing but miracle in today’s era. When me and my husband entered the premises the smell took us right back to 2012 when we were on our vacation in Munnar. I was aware of a lot of benefits this method of massages has, but we were enlightened that Ayurveda is much bigger than just Massages it is more like a treatment to get rid of problems from the roots, which is quite fascinating.

The Massage is more like a ritual than just a treatment. It starts with you sitting on a stool socked your feet in warm herbal infused water. Where the therapist massages your head lightly to calm your mind first. Dim lights with slow music, with in 5 mins you find yourself in a complete different place. The stage two is a back massage where you can suggest your therapist about the pressure you need and this relaxes your muscles and if you are someone with fat knots then this is an excellent option for you. Warm Ayurveda oil is spread all over your body which instantly gives you a sound of relief. This is followed by front body massage and the final step is sipping some herbal tea followed by a warm shower.

The complete process lasts for about an hour which leaves you with the most relaxed state. It would be difficult for anyone to share this experience in words as it is way beyond it. This therapy is something you need to experience yourself and I am sure you will find yourself somewhere out of this chaotic world.

Treatments they offer

At Ayur Mandala, treatments varied from Body detox to hormonal care. There are various treatments specifically for healing, re-vital, and relax. We met Dr. Athika who introduced us to the center and gave us all the insights about the treatment and how and why is it important. With the kind of lifestyle we are leaving in, we are slowing departing and forgetting our authentic roots or Ayurved and its knowledge. Traditional treatments such as ayurvedic have proven to be one of the most effective when it comes to long-suffering like thyroid, diabetes, Body aches, Stress and much more.

If you are looking to book an appointment at Ayur Mandala Ayurvedic Center visit their website or call + 971 4 336 36 37 for further inquiry. Do not forget to check out my youtube Channel to know more about the place.


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