Five Ways To Tackle Stress And Depression

It’s been few weeks I kept myself away from the digital world. Though I have some strong reasons for the same. I received so many Messages on my Instagram to know the reason for my absence but I couldn’t answer any. Well, recently I posted something on my Instagram related to the same issue so I am not gonna repeat the same here. I am not a doctor or a therapist by any means; this article is purely based on my Experience and how am I working on eliminating Stress and Depression.

Since it is a new month and every new thing comes with certain challenges. When you start your day you are already signing up for challenges you may not even know they exist and its consequences. Let me promise you that this post is not a gloomy one, in fact, this post is all about how to tackle stress and stay away…. Far… away from depression.

We all have issues of our own. And all our issues big enough to ignore the happiness around us. I know how it feels, I have been there and have suffered but then I raised back. Well it was not very long back that I was going through series of depression first was my eye infection, then my high thyroid, then PCOD …. I mean every week I was trying to come out of one bad space and other started. In short June 2018 is officially the most depressing month in my entire life. I know you would be thinking what the big deal in that? People go through worst than this. Well, let me tell you “No one, I am sure no one likes to carry a disease or disorder in their body right?

SO I decided to play with my mind and make myself happy and trust me, I swear by this technique eventually things will improve and you will come out of it with a healthy mind and happy heart.

1) Get Busy:- Well this was not supposed to be my very point to talk about but is the definitely the very first step you need to start with. Get busy, Do what you love to do. Remember when you were a child there was always that one hobby you always wanted to pursue. Irrespective of your age, here is the time you must find your passion and begin with it. For me, it has always been learning how to play a guitar. What yours?

2) Eliminate Negativity:- Once you have accomplished the first step I am sure you are already away from negative thoughts. Always think it this way, If you want to achieve something it won’t come to you unless you really work hard for it. Similarly, if you wanna be happy then eliminate negativity, be around who makes you happy do what your love to do. It can be anyone, your family or a friend or even with oneself or may be anything may be cooking, writing or even dancing or singing. Read Books with positive thoughts, watch funny videos, listen to the music. This will take you one step closer to your own self and ultimately you will be far away from your dark self.

3) Exercise:- Depression may have many reasons but there is one vital solution to it. Exercise!! Well, it is not always related to reducing weight but it is proven that workout keeps you positive. There is a hormone called endorphins which in other words is called a happy hormone released every time you workout. This hormone in turn also triggers a positive feeling in your body and in no time you are not only helping yourself be happy in fact you are one step closer to a healthy body. I started with yoga and meditation which not only has helped me heal my body but also how to control my emotions.

4) Learn to Let go:- Don’t hang on something which hurts you. Though I learned it hard way you better be careful. You have the power to choose people whom you need to be with. If someone around you is not respectful, the first thing to do is just leave and forget about them. There are many people in your life who needs your presence more. Don’t hang on to anything which can make you go weak. In fact, kick them out of your life and move on. Because you deserve better than them.

5) Don’t Worry Be happy:- Trust me when I say, this song was written for a purpose. If you have forgotten how to be happy then just stop worrying about every little thing. Always remember to look at the brighter side, because life is too short to see unwanted things. Create memories in every moment so that when you look back you have something to make you happy. Don’t worry everything will fall in its place and so will you.

Well, let me warn you depression and stress is all mind game. It is a poison, no medication can help you get rid of  but your inner self. As I said look at the brighter side, though I was away from my passion to share content for almost a month due to my health, One thing which I was in need of was to spend some quality time with my family. Last one month has thought me a lot. Importance of closed ones, Health is wealth, Self Love and much more. Trust me you have more powers than you can ever imagine. You have the power to heal everything and the key to it is “Just Be Happy and keep breathing”.


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Happy Glamming!!



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