Get rid of frizzy hair with Bliscent hair pack

I make Hair contact before I make Eye contact. There is a reason behind it though, I am blessed with long and dense hair but they are quite rough, dull and unmanageable. Recently I had got keratin done to my hair but stayed not more than 4 months and my hair got back to the same as it was. Few months back in one of my F-boxx subscription i had received few products from Bliscent which is an Indian based personal care company.

They have tons of natural ingredients made products which made me use one of the Hair pack for dull and rough hair. This hair pack is a blend of the finest natural and ayurvedic ingredients available to give some life to those dull and dry strands. It not only gives your hair softness and shine but also helps in making your roots stronger while aiding in hair growth. In control dandruff, dry scalp as well as hair loss.

I am always in search for remedies to help my hair look smooth and soft but look no further here is my review on this hair pack.

This Hair pack costs as less as 300 rs in Indian Market. If you are looking to buy this in UAE Market then I will be updating my blog with all the details in few days!!

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