LVL Lash-Lift Treatment

LVL Lash-Lift Treatment – Your New Beauty Essential for Hot Summer Lashes

**Say goodbye to smudged mascara & lengthy eye make up rituals with the latest celebrity favourite treatment from Nouveau Lashes & Beauty**

Whether you are still counting down to your summer break or staying poolside with the new season openings of the UAE’s hottest beach clubs, chances are you will need to book your pre-sun grooming appointments. One treatment essential that should definitely make the cut is the LVL Lash-Lift by Nouveau Lashes & Beauty.

If smudged mascara whilst you are enjoying pool time isn’t your thing, or you don’t want to waste time perfecting your mascara each morning, you can use your new found extra time wisely to enjoy a well-made breakfast, get out and explore, or even enjoy a little while longer in bed! Want to ditch the lash extensions and glue mishaps? LVL is a convenient alternative to enhance and elongate your own natural lashes. The best bit? It will last you the duration of summer and if you are going on holiday, it will ensure your travel beauty kit a whole load lighter.

Nouveau Lashes & Beauty bring you their top 5 reasons why you need the LVL Lash-Lift treatment in your life whether home or away, this treatment is hugely popular, and it’s easy to see why –

  1. Don’t worry if you are busy packing and juggling day-to-day life before your holiday. LVL Lash-Lift treatment takes approximately 45 minutes and can easily be squeezed into your lunch hour. The fantastic thing about LVL lashes is that they are natural and entirely fuss-free. Once you leave the salon, that’s it. No need to return for maintenance or removal treatments.
  2. LVL Lash-Lift lasts for 6-8 weeks. That’s a lot of days to have lashes on fleek.
  3. The results of LVL Lash-Lift are visible immediately so if you are last minute pampering, you can do the treatment the same day and jet off into the sunset, or hit the beach club, with lustrous, lengthened lashes.
  4. You can kiss your mascara goodbye along with panda eyes and flaking mascara. LVL Lash-Lift comes with an added lash tint as part of the treatment, creating a stunning mascara-style effect. If you simply can’t go without your mascara, you can still wear it, but unlike lash extensions, the mascara will not clump as LVL uses your own natural lashes.
  5. With the onset of summer, brings the dreaded hayfever season when trees release their pollen – cue sneezing, puffiness and streaming panda eyes. If you are one of the unlucky ones who suffers from allergies such as hayfever, LVL Lash-Lift is the perfect fix for any die-hard beauty lover and guarantees smudge free lashes, wherever you are in the world.

LVL stands for ‘Length, Volume, Lift’ and naturally lifts eyelashes at the root, creating the effect of longer, thicker and lifted lashes. The gentle product formulations used, are carefully manufactured to prevent any damage to your natural lashes.

Wherever you are in the world, holidaying or making the most of the UAE’s sunshine, make your beauty routine one step easier, quicker and convenient with LVL Lash-Lift by Nouvaeu Lashes & Beauty.

LVL treatments are available at The Dollhouse, Cocoon Nail Spa and The Beauty Spot with prices starting at AED 300. Retail products are also available with prices starting from AED 200.

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