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Dress and Belt || Bangkok , Shoes || Shoe Mart 

Nude shades have been in existence for a very long time but got its recognition recently. Until now we knew beige, brown, pink etc as color, But lately, all these colors are recognized as Nudes shades. This shade has been a victim for a very long time. A misconception that nudes are in lighter shade and don’t suit every skin tone. But if you ask me because of its neutral behavior it goes with every  skin tone and compliments any combination.

Many times when you ask this question “Nude shades anyone” most people say “Not for me”. I Myself used to be scared of wearing nudes for a very long time, not sure whether it was my fear of looking dull or color dislike.  Until (Drum Roll Please) I discovered my own way to style it . This shade on its own can make you look a bit dull but styling it with some accessories can glam up your look effortlessly.

In my opinion, this is one shade which can be stated as one shade fits all if you know how to style it correctly. It can never be out of fashion and will evolve time and again with a new name.  Nude is one of the most versatile shades. Wear it with Bright colors for a balanced look or all nude with some accessories. As I always say there is no set rules for creating your own style, get inspired and create your own style.

I love to use deeper nudes shades with the lighter ones and discovered my love for Nudes.  So here I completed my look by wearing a Nude Shade dress and just adding a belt and a dark lip shade to break the monotonous. 

Dress and Belt || Bangkok , Shoes || Shoe Mart 
Dress and Belt – Bangkok || Shoes – Shoe Mart


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Happy Glamming!!


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    1. Hey Gayatri, Thanks love. Well nude shades looks the best on our Indian skin type honestly. Try out Lighter shades in the evening and darker in the day time. I know many wont agree with this policy but it does makes a lot of difference. I am sure You will kill it!!

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