Palmer’s Olive Oil Formula For Frizzy hair

id you know how many benefits does olive oil has for our hair? Check all the list of problems related to your hair and keep it aside and just use olive oil. The biggest challenge for a big hair girl like me is to maintain frizzy hair. And nothing works as good as Olive oil honestly. And now when Palmer’s has launched its new range of olive oil formula with vitamin E life with big hair has become a bit easier.

Plamer’s always surprised me with their new range, previous it was coconut formula and now olive oil and both these ingredients are my favorite home remedy for everything. Talking about their Olive oil formula with vitamin E, I have always been a huge fan of natural hair products. Along with olive oil and vitamin E, Jamaican black castor oil which is best known for hair growth is also present. They have launched two new products one is deep conditioner and the other one is a leave-in conditioner for frizzy prone hair.

Olive Oil Deep Conditioner

First of all, can I say I want more of this? YES!! You would say this too after the very first wash. From the very first use itself, you would notice the difference.  It is an excellent repair system for your damaged hair, Highly recommended for frizzy prone hair. Again, Excellent for weak, brittle hair and help them grow longer by minimizing breakage. Moisturizes your hair keeps them soft & shiny and with regular use say goodbye to split ends. They have maintained the creamy texture of the container which I love the most, as my hair loves super creamy conditioners.

How to apply? The application is rather very simple. After you have shampooed while your hair is still damp just apply a generous amount of conditioner on your hair. Leave if for 5 mins and then rinse. It is recommended to use at least 2 to 3 times a week for best results, though I have used it just once as of now I definitely gonna be buying more of this very soon.

Cost Approximately 11 AED for 60gms

Olive Oil Leave-In conditioner

The best thing has happened to me recently is Palmer’s Leave-in conditioner. It is again filled with the goodness of extra virgin olive oil cold pressed from the Olea European tree fruit with 100% natural Jamaican black castor oil. Use it for styling or like me, I use it as a eat protector and honestly it works amazing. It tames down my frizziness and has remarkably reduced split ends and my hair texture has improved with every use.

How to apply? you just have to spray it evenly all over your hair on damp or even dry hair. I generally wait until 80% of my hair is dry and then apply all over and it has worked perfectly. Use it every time you wash your hair.

Cost Approximately 41 AED for 250ml


It does what it says. I love to experiment with my hair and when it comes to natural products I guess Palmer’s has been my beauty partner for years now. I am a big hair girl, and let me be honest I am not blessed with perfect hair either. Frizziness, roughness, hair loss, split ends all these are very common hair problems. I have recently started using Palmer’s new Olive oil formula and I am definitely loving it. As they say, your hair is the real crown of your head, might as well invest in them, I would highly recommend.

All Palmer’s products are free from sulfates, parabens, phthalates, mineral oil & gluten. You can find most of Palmer’s Products at Boots, Carrefour.


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