Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Abu Dhabi

There is only one word which you can think of when you enter the premises, simply “WOW”. It is Majestic, enormous, stunning and breathe taking. The moment I entered the Sheikh Zayed Grand mosque there was a sense of positivity with peaceful breath. Located in Abu Dhabi, Grand Mosque is considered as the third largest Mosque in the world covering almost 30 acres of the landscape which also includes the parking lot.

The finishing decoration of the mosque is done with Greek and Italian white marble, which is considered to be one of purest and exclusive in the world. Artisans were hired from all over the world to construct and design the mosque. Verses from the Holy book of Quran is written in three types of Arabic calligraphy. The gold plated garnished chandeliers made of Swarovski crystals on the ceiling and spectacular Iranian masterpiece Carpet worth approximately 30 million covering the prayer room, 1000 pillars, high ceiling domes and a priceless sight enlightens the word Royalty in the true sense. It Is just mesmerizing.

The Grand Mosque in the day time gives you a completely different feel of sight but if you really want to experience the admiring vista of both day and night then visit the Mosque just before the sunset. Dress appropriately which means, no short pants, hot shots, sleeveless etc., make sure your hands and legs are covered well and your head too, or, they also provide Abaya (traditional Arabic dress) at the mosque which needs to be returned to the management.

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