Bubbles Glow Secrets Yay!! Or NAH?? Review

I have always been open to new innovative skincare products. When I was young I was always told that use as natural products as possible. But on the other hand, me being a typical 20’s girl used to get fascinated with all these beauty products used by celebrates. Of course, they used to be costly but who cared, as I started earning in my teens. Over a period of time I have used many (as many as you can think of) Skincare brands. Not that I am very proud about it but lately, I am obsessed with youth Serum from Bubbles Glow Secrets.

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Sapna Naroola (Co-founder) to ask If I would like to review their products. As I said I am always interested to try new skincare products. I immediately said YES!! Moreover, I had heard quite a lot about the product by then and was quite excited to try them out. A few days later I received a package which was full of Bubbles Glow Secrets goodies.

The Products from the Brand is packed with all 100% natural ingredients and is handmade as well as cruelty-free. They have a wide range of products right for your face and body which are free of any harmful chemicals and preservatives. They use ingredients like Saffron threads, Almonds, Sandalwood, oats, fruit peels for their amazing face packs targeting specific kind of skin issues like pigmentation, scar marks or dullness. For their handmade and homemade soaps they use 100% Extra virgin olive oil and the purest fragrance of essential oils such as lavender, rose jasmine and many more.

One of the best shares of the brand is that the products are made in small batches and tested to ensure the quality and make sure you get the best every-time you use them. Other than that the products are suitable for vegetarians and vegans too. Well my attention was dragged on to the quality of the products, as they genuinely works like a magic wand.

PRODUCTS in my Goody bag:

Saffron Almond wonder Glow Face pack

packed with the goodness of almond and warmth of saffron. Both the ingredients have many skin benefits such as vitamin c, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and much more. I just added a few drops of raw milk in it and applied on my skin and let is stay for a while. Within 10 mins, I scrubbed it off which also acted as a face exfoliateor.  I could immediately see the difference on my skin as it was brighter, clearer and soft.

Saffron Almond wonder Glow serum

With the use of this for a month religiously, not only it helped me get rid of early age pigmentation it also reduced the scares marks and appearance of pimples. It also helped me in reducing skin discoloration. Just a drop or 2 on the face and neck area is more than enough. It has threads of saffron and almond oil mixed with essential oils.

Hydrating Face mist

I wouldn’t be wrong if I say I am addicted to it. I have used many face mist but this has been, by far, one of the best ever. Made with flower extract which gives a cooling effect and hydrates skin as well. I use it the first thing in the morning, midday and last thing before I go off to sleep. Use it to prep your skin before makeup or after your skincare routine. In-short it is a multi purpose face mist. Grab one for yourself and you will thank me later.

All day youth revive serum

Saved the best for the last. I have used many moisturizer creams before but nothing works better than all day youth revive serum. Again just a drop on a daily bases applied twice a day goes long way. It keeps my skin moist all day, and not only this, I use the same serum as my face primer as well. It has helped regain my youthful skin just like I had in 20’s.

As a bonus I was also sent the pocket face mist and sample night serum which I is indeed one the best so far.

I am a huge fan of the brand and I guess a loyal customer as well. Let’s be honest, we are not getting any younger. And moreover, the kind of lifestyle we lead nowadays a little we can do is to treat our skin with the care it needs. It is a difficult choice for me to choose to visit a salon or stay at home on weekends. So I choose Bubbles glow and secrets.

You can easily connect them to their Instagram page Bubbles Glow Secrets ; they are very responsive.


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Happy Glamming!!


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