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In culinary, Molecular gastronomy is a food art recently popularized, I have come across many restaurants in past but a pure vegetarian Gastronomy, definitely for the first time. Their roots come’s from Mumbai and a newly opened restaurant here in Dubai. Well yes, I am talking about Spice Klub. At the time when I was looking to explore a new food place, I had already heard enough about Spice Klub, so thought to give it a try.

I actually underestimated their popularity, now why I am saying this is because we had to wait almost for 2 hours…aahh… let me tell you guys the waiting area is quite cozy and nice so no complain. The interior is rustic and colorful at the same time, comfortable sitting area. Moving forward, we were continuously told to switch our discussion to dine at Quattro (both are adjoined) but I was pretty much adamant on dining at Spice club no matter however long we had to wait. So finally we were told our table is ready and the excitement raised. Trust me after waiting for 2 hours I was actually scared thinking what if…….?? So we started calling for food and were strongly suggested to have Pav bhaji, Sev poori & Gol Guppa/Pani puri along with many other items.

Starting with Dips until Desserts….here the list begins

Right from Classic Green chutney to Sweet Mango pickle.

Coconut water with assorted caviar (Recommended)

This drink is one its kind. Slushy coconut water with caviar made out of Kesar, really refreshing.

Ice Sphere

Ice filled with cocktail juice & garnished with chopped fruits.

Roomali Cheese papad (Recommended)

Papdi chat (Recommended)

Pav Bhaji Fondue (Highly Recommended)

Pani Puri (Recommended)

Deconstructed Dhokla (was an experience)

Hazari Paneer Tikka (recommended)

Veg Dum Biryani (highly recommended)

Quantity is less so judge your hunger accordingly.

Rasgulla Cheesecake (Must try)

Flower Pot

If you are chocolate fanatic you will love this!!

The food is amazing, ambiance is superb, and the service is fantastic. Weekends are a little noisy so you can prefer going on weekends. Would highly recommend table booking a day prior, as they don’t accept same day booking. This place is open from 12 Noon to 3:30 PM  & 6:30 PM to 11:30 PM.

Ambiance: ♥♥♥♥
Food: ♥♥♥♥½
Weekend v/s Weekday: Like peaceful place? Then definitely the weekday
Service: ♥♥♥♥♥
Pennywise: A little expensive but worth every penny.
Overall: ♥♥♥♥½

Must try: Roomali Cheese Papad, Papdi chat, Pav Bhaji Fondue ♥♥, Rasgulla Cheesecake, Bubbling Kulfi.

Please do share your experience, in comments down below.

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