All You Need To Know About Scalp Hygiene

Invest in your hair; it is a Crown you never take off.

Your hair can be a game changer. It can change your look from sophisticated to messy in just no time. Well, as they say, treat your hair good and your hair will return the favor. We generally concentrate on body hygiene where the scalp is just limited to washing with shampoo and conditioning the tips. But do you think it is enough? Read more to know all about Scalp Hygiene.

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Summer Essentials Every Girl Must Have In Her Bag

The weather of Mangoes and yellows are here. I totally love summers as I get to play with colors and my favorite summer color is yellow, Well am I the only here who loves yellow for summers? Anyway, as the temperature is changing day by day so does our skin rituals, wardrobe, as well as bag essentials, also change. So for your weekly doze of Beauty Wednesday, here are my top 5 Summer Essentials every girl must have in her bag.

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