Tips for Sweat-Free & Oil-Free Makeup

Sweat Free Makeup

Summers have arrived and so is the sweaty, sticky melting skin season. Well does this reminds you of something? How much ever we try to stay all day long with makeup, it tends to melt due to heat and makes your masterpiece look patchy. Trust me, I have been there. Sweat-free makeup can be hard to achieve! But you can definitely try to keep them all they long.

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What’s in my Subscription Box — F-boxx October

Lately, I have been quite busy with my house full of people, thus getting a chance to write has become very less nowadays. Though I am trying my level best to cop up with everything. It’s been quite long since I have written about any subscription box so without further ado here I am. October box from f-boxx this time appeared very late but the products for the month of October is quite interesting.

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Absolute Skin Care with Filorga’s Oil-Absolute

** Reactivate skin using Filorga’s unique Anti-Aging Exlir **

It’s official, according to studies the Golden age is now forty-five. Women over forty-five have more self-confidence, are more accepting of themselves and are more liberated, but there’s a but! From age twenty-five well into our thirties, we’re faced with the start of skin aging.

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Some Must-Haves from #Appypicks

And here comes the season of festivals, Marriages and get dolled up. Where Diwali is just around the corner, Fall is the season followed by winters to witness all the amazing festivals and wedding invitation and lots of excitement. (Psst. This is also the season of me and my better half’s birthday and my wedding anniversary too.)  In short, along with all the other expenses, my bills go sky high, as I always run out of makeup Specially foundation. And there is when Sephora comes to the rescue.

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6 Reasons to try SVS Lashes by Nouveau Lashes & Beauty

6 Reasons you Need SVS Lashes in your life

**Achieve Speed, Volume & Style in under 45 minutes**

SVS Lashes, the revolutionary treatment from Nouveau Lashes & Beauty is considered to be a relatively new treatment in the ever-growing and evolving world of beauty. Speed, Volume and Style, otherwise known as SVS takes into account your eye shape, desired style and fullness to create a look that is tailored especially for you.

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