Palmer’s Olive Oil Formula For Frizzy hair

id you know how many benefits does olive oil has for our hair? Check all the list of problems related to your hair and keep it aside and just use olive oil. The biggest challenge for a big hair girl like me is to maintain frizzy hair. And nothing works as good as Olive oil honestly. And now when Palmer’s has launched its new range of olive oil formula with vitamin E life with big hair has become a bit easier.

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All You Need To Know About Scalp Hygiene

Invest in your hair; it is a Crown you never take off.

Your hair can be a game changer. It can change your look from sophisticated to messy in just no time. Well, as they say, treat your hair good and your hair will return the favor. We generally concentrate on body hygiene where the scalp is just limited to washing with shampoo and conditioning the tips. But do you think it is enough? Read more to know all about Scalp Hygiene.

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Essential Hair Oils Every Girl Must Have

Trying new things on your hair is never a bad thing, but taking good care of them simultaneously is important too. Did you know hair texture changes with age just like your skin? Like your skin care routine changes with your age so does your hair care routine also must change. Oiling  for that beautiful luscious looking hair is an ancient tradition. Coconut oil has been recognized as the best remedy for ages.

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Get rid of frizzy hair with Bliscent hair pack

I make Hair contact before I make Eye contact. There is a reason behind it though, I am blessed with long and dense hair but they are quite rough, dull and unmanageable. Recently I had got keratin done to my hair but stayed not more than 4 months and my hair got back to the same as it was. Few months back in one of my F-boxx subscription i had received few products from Bliscent which is an Indian based personal care company.

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Restore Dry, Damaged Hair with SHOW Beauty Repair Range

Restore Dry, Damaged & Unruly Weary Hair with SHOW Beauty Repair Range

As the cooler months draw in and the temperature drops, so too can the manageability and condition of your hair. A lack of moisture in the atmosphere coupled with increased heat styling to counteract the effects of cooler weather can cause hair to become dry, brittle and static. This is especially true for colour treated and processed hair, as the condition is already compromised.

Encased with Quinoa Protein which contains high levels of strengthening amino acids, the SHOW Beauty Three Step Repair Range targets specific areas of damage to restore and protect hair from the effects of cooler climates.

The luxurious Sublime Repair Shampoo (AED 185) restores hair to its natural health with a decadent blend of Shea Butter and Pro Vitamin B5 which nourishes and conditions to improve manageability and body, whilst extracts of Caviar and White Truffle enrich hair, adding tensile strength.

The sumptuous Sublime Repair Conditioner (AED 185) revives damaged hair, leaving it soft and full-bodied. A multi-faceted protein-based complex builds strength from within, reinforcing hair to provide protection from cuticle abrasion. Pro Vitamin B5 helps nourish and condition hair, improving manageability and body.

Used once or twice a week, the extravagant and intensive Sublime Repair Treatment Mask (AED 235) deeply nourishes for exquisitely sleek and glossy hair. A multi-faceted protein-based complex helps strengthen the hair from within, whilst Hydrolysed Pea Protein and Quinoa Protein hydrate and improve elasticity.

All products from the brand are available for purchase from Harvey Nichols Dubai, Bloomingdales Dubai Mall and online at For more information, please visit

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