5 Ways To Accessorize a Nude Dress – Look Book

Oh, My God….Recently, I am all about Nude Shades and I guess it is quite obvious. Call it flesh color or nude shade, they all belong to the same brown family. Right from my choice of clothes to lip shades in my vanity, I am obsessed. A lot of you must have felt this at some point in time on ‘’How can I pair up this shade to break the monotony”.

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Nude Shade All The Way – Look Book

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Nude shades have been in existence for a very long time but got its recognition recently. Until now we knew beige, brown, pink etc as color, But lately, all these colors are recognized as Nudes shades. This shade has been a victim for a very long time. A misconception that nudes are in lighter shade and don’t suit every skin tone. But if you ask me because of its neutral behavior it goes with every  skin tone and compliments any combination.

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