Tips for Sweat-Free & Oil-Free Makeup

Sweat Free Makeup

Summers have arrived and so is the sweaty, sticky melting skin season. Well does this reminds you of something? How much ever we try to stay all day long with makeup, it tends to melt due to heat and makes your masterpiece look patchy. Trust me, I have been there. Sweat-free makeup can be hard to achieve! But you can definitely try to keep them all they long.

No one can avoid sweat unless you are driving or working indoors. And of course, no one likes the sweat dripping over your makeup and make it look like a state of art top notch. I know there is not the scope of sarcasm here, but I have been there and I am sure many of you too. So here are some tricks to keep going fresh all day long with a single application of makeup.

Avoid too much Powder:- Sweat is equal to oily face and oily is equally equal to the shiny skin (if you know what I mean). Trying to do a patchwork of powder will make it look cakey and chalky. Use Blotting paper to absorb all the oiliness and then use powder with light-handed.

Cool Skin:- this works the best trust me. Avoid wearing makeup straight out from the shower. Give your body a cooling time of at least 10 mins. Rub some Ice before you start applying your makeup and voila you have a long wear makeup instead and with absolutely no cost.

Facial Mist:- Dubai heats up like oven during summers. It is very easy for the skin to get on fire instantly. A facial mist works the best in this condition. It not only cools down your skin temperature but will also make your skin look fresh all day.

Primer is must:- Make your primer your best friend. No matter what you do, if you don’t wear a primer you make up won’t look good. Primer not only helps you prep your skin for makeup but also helps you keep your makeup last longer. Always remember to keep a gap in between moisturizing and priming your face for a better result.

Less is more:- Wearing heavy makeup is a big NO NO during summers. We all know Summers is all about pastels and bright and light colors, so avoid wearing dark colors. Save that ravishing smokey eyes for winters, coz the last thing any girl would want and abstract paint art on her face.

Go water resistant:- A long-wear Mascara and waterproof liners work the best in summers. They won’t melt unless washed and even if you spray a fine face mist on them they won’t drip. So it is a win-win solution.

Moreover, It is very, I MIND, very very important keep your body hydrated. The cool-down mechanism actually begins from deep within. Keeping your body cool is very crucial. Doesn’t matter, Indoors or outdoors, drinking plenty of water gives you naturally beautiful and glowing skin.

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