You see there is a difference between traveling and a vacation, exactly the difference between exploring and leisure. When I travel, it is more like exploring which is tiring but fun. Right from my first international trip to Thailand until my most recent to Goa, Udaipur, Chittorgarh, and Kota and of course the land of Bollywood. Every year has been more like learning in every means especially when it comes to packing. Planning in every stage is very important, then may that be your destination or even small but stressful packing. When I began with my first exploring experience and every year thereafter my packing skills have improved quite a bit (lol). Trust me, every year before packing I used to read dozens of blogs myself, but honestly, I learned it the hard way, and I call it experience.

Everyone has their own definition of traveling and No Matter which destination you choose or what type of bag you prefer, traveling lite is the key. Many times we end up packing too much which comes back without even seeing the sunlight and on the other hand, sometimes we end up packing too less in the name of travel lite, trust me I have faced both the side of the story,

So here are 5 MAJOR MAJOR Tips you should consider on your next trip:

Travel Bags: –

Select suitcases/bags which are light in weight irrespective of the size. This makes things much easier and lighter to carry around.

Pack Less: –

I know I know you may need that dress on your trip but TRUST ME!! You don’t need that. You don’t need 5 pairs of shoes, heels, flip-flops etc. And you defiantly don’t need to carry tons of makeup along. Remember you are TRAVELING not MIGRATING.

Save space: –

you don’t have to carry favorites everywhere, But if you are someone like me then you defiantly can’t-do without it. So here is what you can do:-

Have you ever got those mini sample bottles? Don’t throw them away, they can be of great use honestly.  Or buying small empty bottles which are well known as TRAVEL SIZE CONTAINERS are good option too, You just need to transfer the amount you may need to carry.



Roll those tees and small clothes, it saves a lot of space.





Use organizers, there are many travel organizers available in the market. They not only save space but also keep your valuables safe inside. And in my case, it helps me remember if at all I forget anything to pack back.


Itinerary: –

Make sure you are well versed with your trip itinerary and plan your packing accordingly. Always check the weather before you plan to start packing. I am sure you don’t want to carry woolen clothes to a destination just because is it at the hill (lol), the change of season is universal my friends.

Pack Smart: –

Do your math, I know this may sound too much to do but trust me it helps big time. Matching your clothes and shoes makes a lot of difference. Choose what suits best with what and how many others will suit best with that bottom. Or try to carry as much as neutral color possible, white, black, gray, cream, pastels which go very well with everything and anything. Avoid carrying too many shoes like explained before, you defiantly do not need a different pair for every day, trust me two pairs will do just fine. And you are almost done!!
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This last one is not a tip but is an experience I would like to share; few things always remember to carry along,

  • Snacks, herbal tea bags, and disposables

  • Comfortable footwear

  • Sunglasses and sunscreen (I can stay without pretty makeup, but not sunscreen)

  • Always carry detergent sachet along, for those extra days you may have forgotten to pack.

  • And last but not the least your smartphone and charger.

So this was my ultimate guide to travel light and I hope you guys liked it. In case you are looking to save some time packing and make sure you pack the travel essentials and not everything in your house then don’t forget to read my Post on “I MAY NEED THAT” Disorder – Travel Essentials.

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