What’s in my Subscription Box — F-boxx October

Lately, I have been quite busy with my house full of people, thus getting a chance to write has become very less nowadays. Though I am trying my level best to cop up with everything. It’s been quite long since I have written about any subscription box so without further ado here I am. October box from f-boxx this time appeared very late but the products for the month of October is quite interesting.

October Subscription f-boxx

Let’s get started with what’s in my f-boxx….

Fuschia by vkare SANDLE SAFFRON Bath salt:-  Honestly I am a huge fan of bath salts, it helps me keep my body calm and skin soothing. I know it sounds quite extreme but yes that’s what bath salt does. Not only that, Bath salts also help in sore muscles, migraine aches, and tired feet. Nevertheless, I will do a whole new feature on my blog about BATH SALTS. But I wish I could tell you how incredible this smells. I am already impressed.

October Subscription f-boxx

Fuschia by vkare Radiance face mask:- OK I admit that I am skincare addict and anything with some berries are always my favs. This face pack is packed with amazing antioxidants. Though I will be  sharing my review on this very soon.

October Subscription f-boxx

Neemli Naturals Coffee scrub:-  They are absolutely spoiling me. Winter has arrived and we always complain about skin dryness. Coffee is an excellent antioxidant and especially during this season where you need a very gentle exfoliation coffee scrubs works perfectly. And honestly, you will actually smell like winter ready.

October Subscription f-boxx

Vanilla-Vitamin E by The Natural Co. :- Adore the packaging of the product. Encompassed with some dried flower petals under which there is another little compartment which has the face cream.  It smells pretty mild and even the application is quite smooth such a winter-perfect product.

October Subscription f-boxx

How can your bath ritual be completed without a lip scrub

Bliscent lip scrub Pineapple kiss:- I love handcrafted products. We are scrub users, isn’t it? Atleast I can say that about myself. Winters can make your lips go chapped if you don’t take care of it. A lip scrub is an excellent way to keep your lips soft and pink and kiss-ready.

October Subscription f-boxx

& Yes!! talking about scrubs, these came as a surprise.

As you guys know I love and adore products which are natural, handcrafts moreover Cruelty free. Yes all the products above are Vegetarian and Cruelty Free.

And yes winter has arrived so don’t forget your moisturizers <3

Have a Great Weekend!!

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Thanks for reading and have a fantastic week!!


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